Old Soul, New Friend.

Okay ladies, I’m being  careful with this one. First, this lady may not even be my age, I will be fifty seven in December, and yes. I look like my picture. When I thought of the term old soul, I was thinking Anne of Green Gables, while she refers to the world as old, she actually talks more of kindred spirits. I still think she may have said it, I will have to keep looking or it may have been in a movie and not the book. As you may know I wrote about souls last month, I had some left over, and now they are new posts. My posts are like that, old souls becoming new friends.

Do you know an old soul? Are you one? Do you have one for a friend or would you like to have one? What is an old soul? That depends on who you ask. In my opinion, kindred spirit fits nicely, someone you hit it off with, have a lot in common with, connect with. Someone who is comfortable to be around, who exudes warmth and sincerity, is like a pair of slippers. You are comfortable with her, whether in a bathrobe or blue jeans or all decked out. You can have cucumber eyes or mud masks or full makeup, but you click. You blend together, hand and glove, laugh at the same things, finish sentences.

She would be someone available to chat or have coffee, you’d find her at the library or bookstore. She may know about Kindle  but she reads real books. She has a teachable spirit, and she can teach as well as be taught. An old soul/new friend is an easy listener, confidant, you learn from her and she may not even be aware. She may journal or write or blog, she can cook and may be good at crafts or baking. There are probably a lot of things she excels at, though she prefers one or two, her home smells of scents, whether vanilla candles or cinnamon rolls, coffee or hot chocolate.

She laughs a lot, her smile is genuine, she may have laugh lines but that is better than tan ones or frown ones, if she has wrinkles, they are few and she wears them well. She is a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord. Isaiah 61:3. She is a fountain of youth, she knows the Lord renews her. She will like old movies, or perhaps big band music. She will know who you are talking about even if she is a forty year old, she knows the 1940;s, a little history and perhaps some ancient history too because she knows her Bible. She may or may not be in ministry or teach.

An old soul can keep up with children and teens, she is not a stick in the mud but not up on slang, and you’d better watch your language and remember what she says may mean something different to her than you, it is not slang or an expletive. She drives ladies to yard sales or bake sales at church. She is wise beyond her years and can talk to older women. Even really old ones. She may visit the sick or nursing homes but she will never be there. She may use certain phrases, to date herself as older, and likes to ponder over things in heart like Mary. She treasures her Lord and His Word. She keeps His and hers. I hope you have an old soul for a friend., or even as a new friend.

Now, if you start researching this you may get a lot of psychic opinions, or even that you have some kind of sweet old spirit with you. Don’t believe that, it’s a lie. The only spirits you should have with your own are God’s angels and the Holy Spirit as a believer. Don’t get into false ideas or hypnotism or past lives. It is possible to have empathy without being an empath. Evil and deceptive spirits love to torment minds and hearts.

I love old movies, even silent ones, I am sort of a student of cinema as a writer. I found my self identifying with women in other times, how hard they worked. I was grateful for air conditioning.  I washed clothes by hand it was no fun. I was thankful for a new washer, and to get it fixed when it broke down. I was even drawn into the hardships of women traveling west in the late 1870’s as I researched a movie pitch for Hallmark, it wasn’t accepted. we can all connect to these women and even Bible ones but we are not any of them, there’s only one of each of us and God loves each one of us as if we were the only one He created.

We call all feel compassion and enjoy things together, old souls or new creatures in Christ, and whatever our ages. Though she may be the one who will watch Anne of Green of Gables with you, and is a kindred spirit who reads a manuscript for you, or shares a cinnamon roll, being an old soul doesn’t mean you’ve had a past life, or been reincarnated, just that you are friendly and wise. And that you are great friend to have and love and be around, whether or not you know an old soul or not, it might be wise ask the Lord to direct you to a friend who is capable of being an old soul, and a new friend. Rebecca Jones / Sage Kirk thanks.

Anne has a conversation with Priscilla, comparing souls to flowers. https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Anne_of_Avonlea



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