A Restful Soul


Return to your rest my soul for the Lord has been good to you. Psalm 116:7

Do you know anyone who is a restful soul? Are you one? For years I knew nothing about it. Not that I had not heard about it or read it, I just didn’t have a real revelation of it. When did rest get to be a bad thing? Where did our eight hours of sleep go? What about lazing in a hammock or an afternoon nap, ever fall asleep reading a good book?

Technology is not all to blame, we have on / off switches. If only people did, or mute. Women were made to love and be loved not to be running like a sleek racehorse through the supermarket, or to work and superwoman doing it all. Even though we can do all thing through Christ, He didn’t mean we had to do it all. I recently read about even giving up some good things for the best one. Rest will help us get there and stay there.

Our families have a part in that weariness, they can be demanding. It is okay to say no, or get someone else to drive you. Chores are good way to go starting early, children who do  chores are smarter according to a Harvard study. Even if they don’t want to go to Harvard. they can pick up their room. Knowing how to clean and even cook when they’re old enough is good for them.

Women will sit off in the pantry, to eat the hidden dark chocolate and maybe even cry or complain and have themselves a pity party. Don’t do that, it doesn’t work. You, as a woman of faith are a daughter of the King. Go to the prayer closet with your Dove chocolate truffles and tell it to God.

I know many women suffer from chronic pain and illness and that affects sleep. Rest in His healing promises. Read and meditate on them. It never does any good to stay up late or get up early and be run down before noon, He gives sleep to the beloved. Psalm 127:2 Another translation says loved ones, which includes us all, though I write mostly for women. I know it is not always your choice to be awake but you can still choose rest, meditate oh His Word, listen to music. Sow His peace into your life.

I used to run from super early to  midnight. I had to be on call for so many people or so I thought. I didn’t take God’s job, He never sleeps or slumbers. I was one with chronic pain and I could not run through the malls at a clip. I like to look, not run. I hate being hurried, rushed, like you have to get there two hours early. Since God is watching I can let go, He’s got them. Wheeew!

And rest is like from Hebrews 4, knowing that what He promises, He will do. Don’t go back to wandering in the desert when Jesus finished His work. He already paid the price for your salvation, healing and protection and even peace. He wore a crown of thorns for that so put on your slippers and sleep mask and chill.

Do you know anyone who truly rests? Who appears vibrant and refreshed? Well, I may not be there yet, but I nap, I say no, I turn off the electronics. Jesus asks us to come and rest. I want to be a restful soul and you to be one too. Rebecca Jones / pexels

Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him. Psalm 37:7

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