A Sweet Soul

I picked cookies, pie and went with ice cream, the only thing, God ever really asked me to avoid for a while. It is decadent and a lesson in self control. But I also had wonderful dreams of eating a bowl. So an occasional scoop won’t hurt a sweet soul. So let’s talk about that, what or who is a sweet soul?

Look at Jesus, as He is depicted in the Song of Solomon, altogether lovely, dripping with myrrh, His mouth like a honeycomb of sweetness and every word He says or promises is true. we are to speak kind words, encourage one another, build each other up. We are show ourselves friendly, be compassionate and tenderhearted.

Just be like Jesus. It isn’t always easy. He did not retaliate, back answer, get into arguments, He had nothing to prove, even when accused falsely. He did get angry but never sinned and was always calm and in control. I think I’m making it sound difficult to be a sweet soul.

Not really, when you stop to consider that He put His sweetness in you by giving you His Spirit, you just have allow Him to teach you and give you confidence, reassurance and self control. He never leaves us or forsakes us, and it is a blessing to have Him so close as a prayer, a breathe or whisper of His name, Jesus.

When I think of sweetness Himself being crucified for me, I can hardly believe it, and I am always moved to try to put that kind of love into words and action. I always ask people to go back ad read and reread the book of John. It is different from the other gospels, John refers to himself as the disciple Jesus loved, it was his own idea. He got Jesus.

And he records how Jesus promises the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, how He calls us friends and even after the kiss of betrayal, He calls Judas friend. Are any of us that kind or sweet? He is the perfect example for women, and they will understand love, unless love is not what they are after and sadly it is true of some.

He is the perfect example for men in loving their wives and for boys to be taught how to be strong and sweet, gentle with women. And He is the perfect example for girls to have self respect and expect to be treated a certain way and think more of themselves that to give in to the world’s ideal. Yes, He  was sweetness Himself.

And He died to set us free, and He is still sweetness from heaven. Sweet souls are kind, generous and giving. They have love like no other, they are faithful determined and strong. They face and overcome fear with faith and are gracious. They are giving freely of themselves and of His gifts, for sweetness is not bought or  sold like the Holy Spirit is not, or healing is not.

You cannot give what you do not have. It gets sweeter and sweeter as the days go by, the song goes on, oh ,what a love between my Lord and I, keep falling in love with over and over again. Jesus is as sweet as it gets, so it should be us, as believers getting sweeter because of Him.  So what about it, are we sweet enough or can we get sweeter?

We can eat our fill of cake and pie or donuts, have a double or triple scoop on a waffle cone, sweeten our tea little more and nothing will ever satisfy our craving for sweets like He will. Not even a box of dark chocolate truffles. So let’s turn down a few delights and enjoy Jesus whom the psalmist calls our joy and our delight. And let’s become a sweet soul by adoring the sweetest soul of all, Jesus.

Rebecca Jones / Theresia Pauls, thanks.

2 thoughts on “A Sweet Soul”

  1. You are so right, nothing will every satisfy us, or our sweet tooth cravings like Jesus can 🙂 Thanks for the reminder, I so needed it today as I am trying to stay the course and say no to the sweets and now I can take delight in the Lord and focus on Him. Blessings


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