A Grievous Soul


Just what is a grievous soul? A mind, will and emotions being affected by grief. Grief is a natural process, many people will tell you there are steps and stages to it, that’s probably true. And people grieve differently, men and women and that’s true too. But there is a deeper grief that becomes a wicked and even tormenting spirit.

What you often hear that about some is not the truth but deception. Some people who are lonely or are in depression are often even unaware that they carry deep scars of oppression and trauma. Depression and grief are like evil twins that mock your dreams and remind you of loss. I have seen it literally destroy people.

Isolation is never a good idea, although time alone to read, think and pray are good. In fact, being on a holiday or staycation, taking time to take care of your soul is a blessing everyday, as you would bathe and refresh, so your soul should be cleansed. The Holy Spirit is there to help, and there are too many believers who are medically and psychologically qualified to help. You do not have to live a life of despair.

Grief can cause hopelessness, I have seen someone drop out of life and resign herself to a nursing home or death, even with offers to move and to have family nearby. She was divorced, never remarried, had no siblings or children, she grieved for her parents, who passed some fifteen and forty years before. I could make her laugh, but never realized what a strong hold that spirit had, even if she let it for go a while, like Jesus says, it comes back and worse. That is why we have to face down those demons.

Not that you would always see them, though some have. The Holy Spirit is so much greater and I want you to know that Jesus has your saved loved ones, and if you are not sure, you can rest assure He offered them every opportunity. You do not have to carry other people’s sins or burdens and bury yourself in grief. He has babies, miscarriages and abortions. Instead of grieving, picture them with Jesus. He even has our pets.

And grief is not always over death, though a friend reminded me that some things are like one as God births things in you. Have you had a dream to die? Do you mourn the person you should have been? Are you blaming yourself for the mistakes or oppression even abuse of others? Please, stop. I never knew that the depression I was told I had was actually grief over something I knew only a little about, and that God ordained a good work. I wasn’t depressed, I was waiting, but I was grieving.

I had a dream after being prayed for, I saw my mother taking a baby away from a woman in a shroud. I’m her only baby, so I knew it was me, that spirit lifted off me. That deception is gone. And to make the dream clear she was wearing a black and white shirt, with a rose, like the rose of Sharon saying not me not to grieve and not to grieve His Spirit.

I always encourage people to be careful about dream interpretation, not everyone is reliable, the Holy Spirit will lead you to truth. And the same is true of who you allow to pray for you, are intimate with or even close to. The devil goes from person to person to see if he can devour you, He can’t if you are a believer, the blood of Jesus covers your soul, your mind, will and emotions. Not everyone who says Lord, Lord is a believer or capable or praying for you. Ask the Holy Spirit to pray for you Romans, 8:26.

You can think things through and settle your mind but it has to be renewed in Jesus, you will to get over problems but sometimes, it will just take Him and His will alongside you. Emotions wreak havoc on women, we are up and down and hormonal, we don’t understand why men are clueless, but they are human. Jesus understands.

So blessed are those that mourn, Jesus said for they will be comforted, but be delivered of an enemy stronghold if grief has held you hostage, it is time to shake off the black mourning garb and robe yourself in righteousness. He will give you beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, and He will be glorified and you will no longer be a grieving soul. Rebecca Jones / pexels

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