A Tortured Soul

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She may look alright, but behind the smile and eyes that sometimes twinkle with her laugh, there is more than meets the eye. Is she suffering from depression or some other mental oppression. Is she hiding an addiction, an affair, is she playing mind games to control others? Would she walk right over you to get ahead?

We all know people like this. The ones that are sometimes hard to get to know, or even that you may not even like to be around. Some of them may be just hurting people that would benefit from a little kindness and attention, or even encouragement or affection.

But some of them have become such tortured souls for whatever reason, their childhood traumas, or break ups, or just no reason other than anger or evil, they have become experts at playing the game, overbearing, habitual liars, who appear to enjoy hurting others or making them suffer. Whether it’s being greedy for money. power or attention, only God knows hearts, we can only go by the fruit.

Some of these people are not lacking social skills but graces, whatever tortures them, whatever they lack, do the enjoy tormenting others?  Getting you feel sorry for them when they are lying all along, they would laugh and gossip behind your back that you believed their lies. They can always turn things around to be your fault.

Liars can sound very sincere, I have changed my prayers for people to know the love of Jesus, I have seen people profess love for Him but show no fruit at all, what is in their hearts comes out their mouths, and sometimes you know it is a lie. Do people even know what it is to be born again? Can they discern, the truth from the father of lies?

If you truly do not know Jesus as Lord and the amazing love and grace He gives you to forgive you and remember these sins no more and to heal and erase all the scars and bitterness that brought you to a place of torment to begin with, if you cannot forgive those who hurt you and stop hurting others, you are open to tormenting spirits, memories, nightmares, the repetitive death cycle, because the life of Jesus is not in you, if you are not a believer in Him.

While some souls who are oppressors are tortured souls in a way, so are many true believers by not recognizing who they are in Christ or using their God given authority. Many simply have not been taught correctly or learned for themselves to rightly divide the truth, They are in need of the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

And if you face tormenting problems as a Christian, it is time to declare victory in Jesus and let Him put the enemy under His feet and yours, you don’t have to be depressed or oppress because the  greater one is in you and delivers you, you can be cheerful that He overcame a cross of shame so you could overcome. He overcame the adversary so you could do with Him and His Spirit inside you.

You, as a believer, are the righteousness of God, Jesus did that for you. Galatians 3:13 So believe that He delivers you from evil, every tormenting spirit, His Holy Spirit is all about freedom and liberty. 2 Corinthian 3:17 And the Son will set you free indeed. John 8:36

It is your choice, you choose life or death, blessings or curses, to bless and be blessed or to torment and be tormented. But either way, whether a rotten apple needing redemption or a believer who has lost their way, you don’t have to be a tormented soul. Rebecca Jones / pexels

  • The word for torture is typanizo, meaning to beat a drum. Torture is like a continual beating or buffeting.
  • Please join me for Write 31 Days, What Kind of Soul Are You? Or see my Pinterest board with the same name.



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9 thoughts on “A Tortured Soul”

  1. I think this post is very deep and could touch the minds and soul of any person struggling with the deception of the truth. Knowing how hard it is to keep a straight face when your battling so much pain can be hard. This is really good for the soul kind of content.


  2. There are so many tortured souls out there and we never know because on the outside they “look fine”. We seem to think it is better to “be okay” than to be vulnerable and share what we really feel. God gave us choice and we always have the choice to decide blessings or curses, life or death, etc.


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