A Lost Soul


Just what is a lost soul? Someone who is unsaved, does not know Jesus as Savior and Lord? Yes. Some who have never been born again? Yes. Someone who goes through the motions, may read or quote the Bible and even go to church, but denies His power, Jesus even says you would know believers by their fruit. So please don’t be offended that I say not everyone who says they are a Christian is. If they were would things be this bad?

We all have off  days, have let an expletive go. We have moments of being a bad example but it is not all the time, basically we are doing our best to keep His Word and ours and staying repentant, rely on His forgiveness. He knows the heart, and I am so glad of that.

Yet, I know some who would profess Christianity. Some women must be unfamiliar with the woman at the well, and how Jesus went out of His way to help her, this woman may not have been a prostitute but could have been passed along as women had no say back then. And women today continue in promiscuity, claiming Jesus. They are under grace, and can be forgiven, but someone who continues a sinful life is more likely a willing sinner  rather than someone trying to be free of something, the deception and the deceiving themselves,  would make them, in my opinion, a lost. Going to church, even reading the Bible will not save you.

It is not only that,that will make you a willing sinner, discounting drug use, the dabbling with occult. Avoid what God says to. He is smarter than we are. He never tells you things to hurt you, but to protect you. To save you.

Everyone has do draw their own conclusions, it is fine if you don’t agree. Just remember the parable of the fig tree. It had leaves but no fruit. Jesus cursed it. How can He bless a pretender? You must be born again, of the water and of the Spirit.

But even saved souls can find themselves ” lost ” in the wilderness. There are so many believers being oppressed and bombarded by the devil in the last days. Long hospital stays, battles with cancer, children stricken with so many illnesses, and parent’s distraught.

Mental illness, like depression, grief, drug addiction, fear and worry, the inability to calm the heart and mind that races with thoughts, that has faith but doubts. Don’t let it become hardened into an evil heart. Hebrews 3:12

Today, is the day of salvation, do not harden your hearts. If you hear His Spirit, listen and obey. Salvation is more than a one time experience, it is an ongoing process. We are complete in Him, a work in progress can become a finished masterpiece. How? Jesus finished it for you at the cross.

If you are sin or uncertainty over where your eternity will be spent, ask Him in as Lord ask to be filled with His Spirit. And if you’ve just been struggling and lost your way a little, like a sheep straying off to the side, the Good Shepherd will come and get you and carry you back closely to His heart.

You don’t have to be a lost soul who is unsaved. You don’t have to be a lost soul who just pretends to know Christ, you really can. You also don’t have to be a saved soul whose lost his or her way, or carry baggage that He bore, He is your freedom, your joy and peace, the one who gave His life so you had a choice, not to be a lost soul. Rebecca Jones / pexels



2 thoughts on “A Lost Soul”

  1. I hear your heartfelt desire to reach people with God’s love and plan of salvation. Your words are true. ” Salvation is more than a one time experience, it is an ongoing process.”


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