A Delicate Soul


A delicate soul can be or is a beautiful soul.  She has a delicate and peaceful way about her. There is a peace about her and she can be a peaceful soul. She would need to be surrounded by like minded people who understand the delicate and fragile beauty and balance of life. Delicate soul are even mentioned in the Bible, the twins Tryphena and Tryposa, perhaps it was meant as a reference to their life of luxury or possibly just their frame,

She needs to hear kind words but doesn’t need to be praised, she keeps a lot of things in her heart to ponder, the law of kindness is her and in many ways she is the Proverbs 31 woman. Delicate and elegant does not mean she is frail or weak, she knows the Lord is her strength. And when something happens to interrupt the beauty of her soul, she is quick to turn inward to the Lord for strength and healing.

But a delicate soul  can become more fragile and allow the enemies lies to weight her down if not loved and cared for by a man of faith. She may be sensitive to the lies about her character, even question herself and her walk of faith. She needs support but is not so sensitive as to take instruction and correction from the Word.

Though she knows the truth in her heart, oppression and depression can make her the vulnerable soul which is another post, she must be careful who she gives a delicate heart to or shares it with, because she is the new creature in Christ, she needs the Titus 2 women to encourage her. She is full of grace and favor. Her love is pure, she will often be heartbroken as she makes intercession for others.

The delicate soul is the Lord’s masterpiece, a butterfly who has struggled to beat her wings into strong and beautiful flights of fancy, vibrant and colorful, her dainty wings display hope and the beauty of Christ to a broken world. She floats on the wind of the Holy Spirit who carries her prayers and tears to heaven.

Fragile, delicate and elegant, yet strong, she must be tenderly cared for and loved, she draws you in, like the moth to a flame, her sparkle is there, even just a glint in her eye, she leaves it wherever she goes, and her inner fire and peace are both beauty and grace from the Spirit. She is loving and beloved. She is not a poor me or martyr, but she has been hurt and still loves so she must guard her heart and even better still let the Lord do it.  He will give her the peace that passes understanding to guard her heart  and mind.

So search you heart and discover the beauty of being a delicate soul and should you know one be sure and show her love and kindness, appreciate her beautiful butterfly appearance, see that she rests her wings and she will bless you. And this is ministry appreciation month her in the states, so be sure to appreciate a delicate soul. Rebecca Jones / pexels / Write 31 Days

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2 thoughts on “A Delicate Soul”

  1. I found it interesting the picture you chose to put with this blog post. A lot of people would have chosen one of a woman who might look dowdy or severely humble to go with this post. The reality is that a Delicate Soul could be anyone.


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