Holy Spirit, Healer.


My September was supposed to be called Supernatural September, it quickly turned into Holy Spirit September, and well, why not? He is at work on the earth, because Jesus sent Him to us as believers, however much or little we listen and obey, He is our gift and our very connection to Christ.

I started out by writing about supernatural surgery, because a friend had a tendon miraculously reattach itself. It was her phrase. I know God has healed me in many ways because I didn’t even realize how serious some things have been, but I have always been thankful and sown healing verses into my spirit, I want to be the one who returns to thank Him, not like the nine. That gives you and idea of how it is even in the body of Christ, I’m not so sure that we even know the depth of that love or His heart, nor His willingness to heal.

I am not arguing the point, I know not everyone receives a miracle or supernatural healing, even though I believe they could and should. We live in a fallen world and the voice of the Spirit is so tender, we often miss that calling from the very heart of God, that says, ” Look to my Son. ” It is a lot easier to hear the advice of friends or doctors and even our own fears and worries. We wear our ourselves out, even attempting to believe the impossible. I understand pain and have been through enough of trials to know, it should not be as difficult to believe but I see how it can be.

But that is just it, while it is impossible for us, it is not for Him. I know that some would say, ” Why doesn’t He just do it then? ” It’s not the way faith works, it takes hope and love as well and it has to combine into that explosive dunamis healing power, Jesus healed, immediately, as they went and from that hour. It is much the same now, many times the disease returns, and with a greater attack, even more aggressive, the same is true of temper. Domestic violence, drug use, other societal ills that are just as much a disease as a real diseases, only more of a blight on the soul. People choose a lot of that, and obviously no one wants to be sick, or at least most don’t, there are those that vie for attention.

I have to be honest, I did not care much for televangelists and faith healing. Like a lot of people I thought they should just go the hospitals, but I was young and stupid. And I had to dismiss Jesus being a Superman and that horrendous death must not have hurt Him as much since He was God.

But the heart of an eleven year old girl that was broken by His love for her could not reconcile that in her mind even as a young adult, and it gets easier to dismiss His gentle approach to your heart as you become hardened by life and disappointments, the enemy will see to that. I may have sought Him for healing but I truly needed His love, and I always had that and didn’t even realize to what extent, because I was letting lashes bounce off His back, instead of seeing Him taking them for me. It really is something to think about, how could I ever have been so selfish as to not come to grips with it.

I once sat in a hospital talking to my cousin, and the Lord whispered. ” No one here has faith to be healed. ”  That is a shame, but they were all like me, we have to have faith to please Him, and it is never as hard as we make it to be. We just need to worship Him, look into the face of love and believe, just believe.

I have always had a great respect for Jesus and His sacrifice. Can you imagine the most gruesome of murders? Now, that person was murdered for you. Except this man, who truly was the Son of God, even testified to by a Roman soldier who was there, was killed not murdered, because He gave His life for us. Reading John’s accounts shows how He let them take Him. We can scarcely believe that love.

He did this to save and heal, redeem and keep us from the flames of hell but so much more. His heart was pierced and the blood and water poured representing the saving grace and the Spirit. Truly, He gives many gifts. Life is precious. Love is precious. His Spirit of Promise is precious, I urge you to slow down and listen for the still small voice that speaks to our hearts.

It’s not about blog posts and numbers, or book contacts, you can’t put words of His love into dollars and sense, though He blesses us to help others. His love is far more priceless, and that is why He should be the focus and not ourselves and our pain, He took it after all.

I was afraid of the Kathryn Kuhlman programs as a girl, I never learned much about the Holy Spirit. I thought a lot of it was crazy, even some of the books I read, I avoided the New Age and yet it mimics faith to a degree, we must rightly divide and that takes study and a reliance on the Spirit of Truth.

I watched so many healing services and prayed with so many ministers to be healed, and it is funny to think and true of most of us that it was in us all along, if we allow the Spirit to fill and rule our  hearts, healing comes from within and we should radiate His joy and love, as I said I know everyone will not agree, I know not every gets a miracle or supernatural surgery, but it is still possible because with Him anything is.

Remember, the enemy returns, so often we are attacked again in mind or body but as we stand in faith for each other, even though there has been loss and terrible operations, major illnesses, mental oppression, I have dealt with a lot this week as well, let’s walk worthy and in white before HIm, with clean hands and pure hearts and say to Jesus, ” You are worthy, and you took my place. And I love you, Lord. ” I praise Him, I believe. Rebecca Jones /Arthur Ogleznev, Pexels, thanks.

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