Through The Blood and Spirit

Sharon McCutcheon

I was thinking the other morning about all the things going on in my heart, not just the literal one but the spiritual one. wave after wave of His precious love can flow over me, I can feel His healing power and yet, I find it hard to get up and go, I am spent out with hours of prayer.

There is frustration, anger, and the nagging fear that I refuse to entertain, for I have truly learned the lesson of John 14:27, He left me His peace. That’s why when all these negative thoughts, emotions, cares, start to pile up, I wish I could just take them, like a stack of discarded papers or junk mail and run them through the shredder.

Well, I can. Well, in a way. I can’t pick up the people with their wicked tongues, or lies or schemes of the enemy, now wouldn’t  I love to shred him? No, I can’t do that. Except in a spiritual sense. And now I read, 1 John 5:8, And there are three that bear witness in earth, the spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one.

God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit all were there at creation, and all testified to the releasing of the Spirit as the blood and water came forth, the Holy Spirit went forth and rent the veil of the temple as Jesus flesh was also rent, for He had prophesied His temple would be torn down and raised in three days.

I can take all the frustration and anger and fear, worry, oppression, depression or grief and run it through the blood of Jesus. I have always been amazed at what I have overcome, but I shouldn’t be, look who’s beside me. It is a realization or revelation of sorts, that to just resist, to fight or struggle is not what He had in mind. Looks at the price He paid.

As I have learned more about rest, His peace that passes understanding, submitting to His perfect will, I have come to know He is doing a continual work in me, in all of us. Salvation is an ongoing, eternal state. While we are working toward heaven, heaven is reaching out to us in the person of the Holy Spirit.

I don’t advocate channeling, though I believe you are given a prayer language with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. But you can, for a lack of a better word, channel those negatives into a more positive train of thought by running them through the blood. Just as food gives you energy, especially, protein and as water quenches a thirst, so does His words feed you and let you drink freely His living water.

And faith is more than positive thinking, I remember announcing that didn’t work, while that alone didn’t, that doubt began to fester and swell into a hurt that never went away to this day. I have overcome it, and fully expect to, when He sees the right time. Faith works by words, a belief, He is bringing about what we can’t see. But it works by hope, also in Jesus, the anchor of our souls, and mostly by love. His and not even ours, we love Him because He loved us and chose us and nothing is impossible with Him.

And there is no problem too large or small, for Jesus is grace and truth, He changes fear to love, doubt to faith, chaos to peace. So whatever it is that you need to shred, defeat or overcome, we overcome by our testimony and the precious blood of the Lamb, He already has, just run it through the blood. Rebecca  Jones / pexels



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