Wednesday Bonus: Healing Scriptures

This might appear to be an inappropriate post on the heels of hearing of the death of a dear friend and prayer warrior. And I have prayed for two women already who are having a nine hour surgery and a double mastectomy. I was in a lot of pain myself this morning, and still I know He healed in the Bible and He still does. I have seen Him do it.

That is not to say that anyone wasn’t good enough or didn’t have enough faith, that is not true. We are simply worn down and worn out by an enemy that we don’t always see coming, yet Isaiah 53 declares that He bore our sickness and disease. It would be counterproductive to argue with those who don’t believe or cannot believe in healing. I always did, but never quite understood how it worked. I would like very much to see people healed and stay healed, to be delivered and set free.

I can assure you when you believe, that faith comes under attack, the more you learn the more you have to learn. It works by faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is love. Our love is not enough, His is perfect, and even though some choose to go on with Him, there are others that are still believing, even though we may be holding on for dear life, there is healing and there is peace and it is possible to have it here because with Him nothing is impossible.

So here are few verses to sow in your heart. Write them there. I hope He is speaking peace and healing to whatever you are facing. He is facing you and you can believe that we are just scratching the surface of the love that is Jesus, be healed in His name. It is important to keep looking to Him in spite of everything and ask Him to give you discernment about pain. There is some involved in healing of all sorts, but whatever the enemy throws can go in His name. Let’s believe in His power and love. Rebecca Jones / pexels




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