Father Knows Blessed, In Spirit.


Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. James 1:17

What are some of these good gifts? Marriage, children? Of course, they are. But what about health, provisions and even something like a sense of humor? The turnaround that comes in the night like the breaking of a high fever. Something unexpected that is so good, it appears to be too good to be true? Serendipity? one of my favorite words. We already know the Holy Spirit is a gift from, Acts 2:38 and how the Father sent Him in or was about to from Jesus own words in John.

I was writing about getting to know our Father in June. I had to get to know Him. He promised me healing  and said I would have a sound mind. He taught me not to fear even when things were very dire. I had some things happen that I didn’t know were from the enemy, but my Father did. And He had the Holy Spirit working for me, as I prepared to write for September, thinking of writing about supernatural instances, my father let the Holy Spirit become the focus of September.

Some have been very receptive, others hesitant, some don’t appear to think you need to rely so heavily on the Spirit, yet Jesus talked about it and I think we should always consider His will and take His words to heart. The Holy Spirit does not exactly replace Jesus or God but is part of both in the Trinity, He represents them to and through believers.

While I used the verse above, and did not put poor in spirit in my title, I am in no way minimizing Matthew 5:3 or the Beatitudes, but merely the word poor, to many, brings to mind finances and that isn’t the kind of poor He meant, though it is applicable to an extent. I like this translation. God blesses those people who depend only on him. They belong to the kingdom of heaven! Contemporary English Version, poor in spirit means you recognize your need for Him, that’s all, and that is why we have the Holy Spirit.

I know about sadness, and being lonely lonely. I had so much going on in my head and heart, and no one ever understood. Not my real father, because he was long gone, I thought for years that my creativity came from Him and that my mother didn’t understand it because it was a gift from him. I was wrong.

My creativity came from my Heavenly Father. So that makes it a good and perfect gift, and He is not changing His mind about this writer, in fact, He would multiply the gifts. When he left God stepped in, so whether or not your father was present or abusive, or your mother has remarried, you still are not orphans and widows.

You still need a Heavenly Father relationship in order to be was sensitive to Him.  I don’t think ever understood it all. I certainly didn’t. But a gentle but firm hand guided me. And that is beauty of Christ who died horribly to give us life and even His Father. That hand is the Holy Spirit, and He is a gift.

Why me Lord? What was in me that was so wonderful you would share your love through me and bless me so? I am always amazed by His grace. I could not always express myself to my family as well as I would have liked. I cannot even express myself to Him in prayer, the amount of love I know He must have given up by sending Jesus, if only for a while, to ransom us back to Him, and the Holy Spirit’s power raised Him.

I would be on my knees. But it was during some moments of sadness and illness, I really realized His love for me because He came to heal me with love. More than laying on of hands, more than perhaps, even communion or anointing with oil. Even more than tongues, was the more excellent way Paul spoke of, His love.

I could never love Him as much as He loved me, even though I loved Him because He first loved me. 1 John 4:18. I was not an orphan, He had promised to come for me. I can barely begin to imagine what Jesus endured, what the Father looked away from to give me these gifts.Salvation would have been enough, but it was so much more. Angels, healing, love for others and praying and seeing results. It was writing and it led me into more love than I could ever dream.

I was a grown woman, sobbing tears as my health faded and my heart broke, but I was a little girl to Him too, I was on His knee and weeping what my words could not say, and He knew the love He placed in me in the womb. I was the child who sang and danced in the walkway, and He never forgot me. I was His sparrow and His eye was on me. I never stopped singing or praying, I just got a little lost on my way home to Him, that’s all, I just wanted to be what He wanted me to be. I was shining in His eyes if not in mine. And I love red delicious apples, sweet and crisp in the fall, I like them sliced and dipped in caramel or cinnamon sugar. I can say it is a delicious taste, the love of God to know He has kept me as the apple of His eye as well.

Are you like me? Even if you have a father who loves you? It is still possible to feel this need for the Heavenly one. He sees you too. His gifts are perfect, He doesn’t break His word or take them, back. He multiplies His grace and peace, and you have eternity to know His love, you don’t have to cry with people who may not understand, the enemy mocks, but Jesus defeated Him so we could know the Father, but go the secret place of the Most High, be safe in that shadow, it never changes. Go there and pray, rest or cry if you must. Tears are precious, perhaps even golden, or silver, the color of redemption, spun like the glistening of a spider web in sun and dew, handspun by angelic craftsmen, in to fine and glorious colors, poured into His bottle. Psalm 56:8

And remember, He gives good gifts, many are tangible some are matters of faith and just touch the heart, but they are no less gifts from the Father, we are blessed aren’t we to have a Heavenly Father like Him, Father knows blessed. And He knows the blessed in Spirit. And whether or not you view the Holy Spirit as the gift He is or understand a prayer language, the greatest of these is still love. Rebecca Jones / pexels


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