Holy Spirit, Heart Healer.

People are sitting with a lot of baggage and a lot of loneliness. I know and understand that, and so does Jesus. He is close to the broken hearted and truly the only one who can mend them, knit them back together even more perfectly than before. Let’s look at the Word on that, while we know sin and shame and even the neglect and hurt inflicted by others are a cause, let’s see how it happens and how to let Him heal you.

Be careful then, dear brothers and sisters. Make sure that your own hearts are not evil and unbelieving, turning you away from the living God. Hebrews 3:12 That’s powerful, we deceive or kid ourselves into thing one thing when it is another, like God’s ways and thoughts are higher. When we turn our hearts from Him, even as believers, because our prayers are not answered quickly enough, or maybe we are waiting. Should someone have left you or died, getting mad at God without fully understanding isn’t the way.

Everyone has doubts, He can understand that, He wrestled with humanity. But unbelief hardens the heart, and He calls it evil. So should a believer  equate with an atheist, being hardened against the Lord? An atheist who may be by the world’s standards a good person, even likeable, but that is what God says about the heart, and that it is also foolish to say there is no God.

And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us. Romans 5:5 To me, this is more profound. Why, if the Holy Spirit has been poured into our hearts, do we feel shame and even allow ourselves to hinder and grieve Him.

I was made to feel that shame and it was not just from some people’s words or unbelief but my own self doubt. God believed in me more than I was believing Him. that was something to be ashamed of as the Lord was crucified for me. Much of it was railing accusations of the enemy, old fears, worries and lies that had no place in my heart and only cause me to lose hope and grieve, both my heart and the Spirit’s.

We are forgiven, redeemed, deeply and lavishly loved by the Father, Jesus died to give us access to His Father’s throne. He purchased us at a great price, we are His pearls.  We are the joy that was set before Him as He cried out in agony, ” Finished. ” He dismissed His Spirit, and that is powerful love to take our place literally and for eternity, bearing every sin, sickness, fear and so much more. No wonder we feel unworthy, we are! But He made us righteous.

We are not entitled, but privileged to receive by His grace all manner of gifts and favor. And how did we become so rich in grace? We can look back to place called Gethsemane, and see the night He prayed, He wanted to quit in the natural, like many of us, suffering unimaginably, He fought the enemy once more, and told the Father He would do His will, walking back He found the disciples asleep, like many believers are. Not that He doesn’t want you sleep, sleep heals, sleep is part of His rest. It’s just we should wake our spirits to tune in with the Holy Spirit.

Man came with torches to arrest Him. Read John’s account. It is powerful! He even heals the ear cuts off, and His power knock them away even before that, so we don’t think He hears us or can answer? Or will heal? His love is powerful but Judas still betrays Him with a kiss, Jesus even called Him friend. He allows them to bind Him, He gave Himself for us. And then the horrible death, but the blessed resurrection.

But we can go back to the Passover, what we know as the Last Supper, the Lord has told them someone at the table will betray Him and Peter starts asking who, it’s not him. Yet, he did didn’t he? This time it is Judas. John 13:2, Passover and washing feet.

During supper, when the devil had already put it into the heart of Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son, to betray Him. I started to put this in all capitals for impact. You know being raised in the south and more traditional church, people will overlook a lot, and sometimes ignore the obvious. I don’t think I even heard of lot of spiritual applications in some Pentecostal services, but I am not criticizing, it is just that we should pay attention to what our hearts are full of, Jesus say it comes out in what we say, and it will in what we do.

I am telling you that people told me the devil could not affect Christians, the more like God teaching you a lesson, He allows it. While I don’t think He could possess a true believer, he can certainly oppress them in major ways. Look how close Judas and even Peter were to Jesus. The devil most certainly can put thoughts in your head, evil in your heart, but you don’t have to allow it. Let the Holy Spirit keep love in your heart.

I know the Proverb says for us to guard our hearts. I was lousy at it. I got hurt, I said hurtful words that were not mine, my vocabulary is better. But no matter the wounds suffered or inflicted, His are deeper still, and I have found that Phillipians 4:7 works better. I am letting Him guard my heart and mind. And that peace passes understanding, because it is His peace from John 14:27.

I read a cute phrase a mother asked her children growing up, ” How does your heart feel today? ” I will ask myself that question. And I hope you will. We don’t want to be greedy like Judas or sifted like Peter.

What is in there? Hate, envy, jealousy or pride? Or joy, peace and love? Let the Holy Spirit pour it in there, and make sure to uproot the bitter weeds that grow in our heart’s garden, life may not always be a proverbial bowl of cherries but it is with His help, coming up roses.

So, ” How is your heart today? ” And what about shaloam, more than hello and good bye, or even peace but ” How is your peace? ” I hope it is John 14:27 and Phillipians 4:7 and that you are wise enough to not let satan put anything in your heart but let the Holy Spirit pour love in and heal it. Rebecca Jones / Valerie Maria / freely

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