Holy Spirit, Person.


A lot of people don’t think much about the Holy Spirit as a person. You may even hear people using the term it.  It comes on you to convict you and get you saved. It is a feeling a call to repentance, or the knowledge you need God.

Even people who have been churched and are fluent in memorizing passages have stayed away from gifts and anointing, partly from fear and some just knowing, people, God’s people perish from lack of knowledge, don’t they?

We are often invited to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus. But how does Jesus relate to us? He isn’t here, He sent the Holy Spirit, in His place to be in our hearts. Read John 15, 16 and 17, the whole book, the New Testament and see how the Holy Spirit worked in and through people. He’s still here.

Like many people raised in a conservative way, I shied away from contemporary and charismatic teaching at first. And then I realized I needed healing and to overcome the enemy of my soul. I still don’t necessarily care for some of the louder or extreme worship. Frenzied and fanatical don’t always equal Christ to me. But love does.

The Holy Spirit is not just at a concert or camp meeting, He is always there. And He is always right about things when I am not. He puts a prayer on my heart, whispers what to tell a friend in need, gives me strength when I have none left, opens my eyes to the hope of the gospel of Jesus. He is the Comforter and friend, Helper, Advocate and Truth, and He is definitely a person.

You may not see Him. But you sense Him. You hear His still small voice and the powerful reminders of God’s Word and suggestions, warnings to stop or to go on ahead, even dreams and visions, when you talk to Jesus, the Holy Spirit is the one relaying answers. In a world where we hear so many voices, and troubled people are hearing the enemy’s voice too loudly, we need His peace.

Evil people hear demonic voices, and without regard to human life, proceed to do the devil’s bidding, to steal, kill or destroy. Believers, also hear the voices of doubt, fear and worry, and experience anger, temper, which are to be controlled by your will submitting to His, a fruit of the Spirit is self control. Believers should not be willful sinners, their hearts should be receptive to the voice of the the Lord by His Spirit. There is natural hearing and spiritual hearing, and well as sight.

Troubled believers are being tormented to the point of suicide, and He would not have us be ignorant of the enemies devices. The Holy Spirit is the power He sent to overcome the works of that enemy and unless you rely heavily on His presence and His person, it will be easy for the enemy to pick apart your testimony, to wear out the saints, to cause you to identify with the maladies and mentality of others, not ” If you can’t beat them join them. “, but guilt that that you are not making a difference, haven’t changed them, that your life isn’t worth it, maybe Christianity isn’t. The alternative surely isn’t.

Let me assure you, God changes people, we are the sowers, the devil will steal it, but don’t let him steal or devour you. In the natural, he can and will. In our own efforts, he will. With the personal relationship with Jesus through the person of the Holy Spirit, he loses every time.

When serving Jesus is more of a chore than a joy, you are in a bad place. Many Christians, teachers and lay people, even intercessors are overworked and over wrought. Mental illness has become the norm for many believers, they suffer depression, have suicidal thoughts, are heavily oppressed by disease. But let me assure you, Jesus came to give you life and life more abundant, sometimes that means you love deeper, hurt more, and experience it more intensely as a believer full of His Spirit.

It also means you have His Spirit, alive in you, working for you, to prosper you to bring you into the fruition of God’s plans for you, plans that will not harm you and will not make you want t o harm yourself or others. It is not just will power, it is Word power, and it is the wonder working power of the blood, and the power that raised Jesus from the dead.

I know people hear voices, real people, imagined and angelic, demonic. the devil is a deceiver, deceptive divisive and demonic. And he is critical, condemning confusing, God authors peace which is why we keep looking to Jesus to perfect our faith and finish our stories with a happy ending.

The Holy Spirit can guard your heart and mind with peace that passes understanding. He can and will shed light on your situation, bring you out of darkness, believers are often attacked with it. He helps us pray, gives us gifts, will never leave, never lie or decieve like that  enemy. He helps you discern, cast down the thoughts that are exalting themselves above His promises. He brings them into the obedience of Christ, as we obey the Spirit of Grace and Truth.

So please don’t see the Holy Spirit as a thing or a feeling. He is very much the presence and person of Jesus abiding us as believers, you can depend on Him and His accuracy. He can hold you strengthen you give you a pep talk, let you cry on His shoulder. If only we could have a childlike belief in Him, children are either fascinated by or terrified of ghost stories, I never encourage occult practices. Neither will the Holy Spirit, He is not divination or deception. He is love and perception. And He is the Spirit of Christ on earth, His power and peace and He is a person. Rebecca Jones / pixabay



5 thoughts on “Holy Spirit, Person.”

  1. Not enough teaching on this, Rebecca – thank you for the reminder that Jesus isn’t here except through HIs spirit. You might enjoy a series on meditation (Christian) from Dave Lomas at Reality SF (my daughter’s church in San Francisco – I linked it in my post this week. ) xx, s.


  2. Oh, how I love the way you have written this! It is so easy to understand. I love Him and am so grateful that we have been given this beautiful gift. He is priceless for me. I do not know how I could possibly function any given moment without His direction in my walk. When I was a girl going to church, He was called the Holy Ghost. I did not understand Him then. Actually, being a ghost (or so I was taught) made me scared of Him. Not until I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior did I really learn Who came to live in me. So blessed. Thanks for writing this today.


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