Wind Gusts, How Many Miles Per Hour?

Ever hear the weatherman sound off about the wind, 5  maybe 10 miles and hour. That’s hardly noticeable,  I can even walk that fast, maybe. But when it is winter and there are blizzards look out, or the spring tornado winds that kick up prairie  dust and before you know it become category 1 to 5, with five most disastrous.

And how about hurricane season? What about the brave or foolish newscasters who stand out to report on what we already can see without watching them blow around. I like those old movies, they used wind machines or airplane motors to get the special effects. It made for dramatic even if low budget, but very effective film making. I like computers too, but somehow computer generate storms and apocalyptic events aren’t the same.

But what about Acts, when we begin  to read of the mighty rushing wind of the Holy Spirit? It was obviously a gust that made a strong impression. When people began to speak in other languages, and others understood, some though there was early morning drinking going on, however, that was not the case. Jesus had promised that if He went away that He would send the Comforter, and He did. Remember how God confounded languages so that Nimrod could not build his tower, now He could begin restoring it, giving many people a chance to hear of Jesus in their own language as the Spirit gave utterance. And we are not to be drunk with wine rather filled with His Spirit.

John said that Jesus would baptize with fire, and He did that in the Upper Room. The tongues were seen in a spiritual realm, and were cloven, Jews observed food laws would know it was God. Prayer languages are still available today, and you need not be Pentecostal or Charismatic, to receive. Some of these languages are known, so that the Holy Spirit speaks to a person in their own language, what about the tongues of men and angels, and some unknown except to God. The Holy Spirit also intercedes with groaning that cannot be uttered when don’t know how or what to pray. When feeling the unction, pray, you may be saving a life somewhere or avoiding a calamity. the Holy Spirit sees what we cannot.

When you pray in tongues you speak directly to God, mysteries. He will help you interpret, for He is the helper, teaching us all things, Jesus said. It is to be orderly in church if addressing the congregation, and there should be an interpreter. That is one gift, it is also to edify or build you up personally, spiritually and mentally, even physical. It bypasses the brain and He may or may not let you know what you said.

Many are leery of spiritual gifts. I was one of them. I used to watch Kathryn Kulman when i was little, she was a little scary, but I watched her. Christian television was in its infancy. And then there was the occasional Billy Graham crusade, back when we had three channels.

We are blessed to have so much more these days. though television is lacking in morality and decency, even old eighties shows are harmless compared to today. Sometimes, it is hard to find something I will watch, among my 300 stations, but there are family based ones and several Christian ones and so many service on the web, podcasts, even Christian bloggers. There is no reason why we are not to be hearing the good news and having it explained kindly and simply. Even if you do not agree, you know it is in the Word.

Should there be differing opinions, I am only giving a testimony of how this gift has helped me, health wise and so many other ways. Be that as it may the wind gust of the Holy Spirit moves, and I pray He moves into the hearts and minds of people so that they may learn of Jesus. People are persecuted daily in other countries and need our prayer and intercession.

You may ask Jesus for this powerful gift, or let someone lay hands on you as in the Bible. Many had not even heard of the Holy Spirit and said they were baptized with John’s baptism, two different experiences, just like being sprinkled on the forehead or dedicated. Please make sure the person is a believer though, there are some who will try to imitate God without giving the right counseling and i have heard of some who even offer Communion, these people may also be using occult devices. You don’t need tea leaves, you need Jesus.

We can ask Him to move how fast and where, He may decide. Still, He comes and goes, and is sometimes gentle, the slightest breeze. And then again, He is mighty rushing wind, how many miles per hour? Rebecca Jones /pexels

7 thoughts on “Wind Gusts, How Many Miles Per Hour?”

  1. I agree, one does not have to be Pentecostal or a Charismatic to speak in tongues. I love this: “When feeling the unction, pray, you may be saving a life somewhere or avoiding a calamity. the Holy Spirit sees what we cannot.” Thank you for the encouragement!


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