No Wind In Sight


I don’t know a lot about the weather, but I have seen enough stifling Georgia summers to know that I can’t even step outside and be able to breathe well if it gets that hot. I used to be outside and just pray for a breeze, and you know what, it would come. I called them merciful breezes, I still do. It’s not like that now but it will be soon, today is cold and windy, but spring is a few days off and sometimes we just go on into summer, hopefully not this year.

I used to water my flowers in Atlanta, we would have water restrictions. But they flourished, azaleas were pink and proudly welcomed the backyard excursions, Children played and happily ate lunch at picnic tables, the bug hunts and water splashing, miniature golf and bubble blowing were all enjoyable but there would be days in July and August, the it was if you could see the heat waves in front of you.

You could see almost a literal mirage of little lines wiggling in the hot air. Shoes were hot, the soles would almost melt, and then you could have fried something on the sidewalk. I never tried it. It was hard to keep the tea and lemonade made and the bird bath full, and there was no wind in sight.

I’ve never been to the desert. I have heard stories of hot it is there. I don’t know a lot about humidity, but I think that 110 elsewhere may not be like a smoldering 95 here, if I’m not right about that, I guess we’re all hot with no wind in sight.

When I moved, the sun beat on my flowers year after year and even with no restrictions, they eventually faded away. Knockout roses do thrive. My bird feeding didn’t last long here, but I have hummingbirds. And I have my merciful breezes.

We have talked at length how the Holy Spirit moves like the wind, maybe, you are in a dry place today, there is living water in you, use your spiritual gifts, and it’s okay to ask Him for a merciful breeze any time.

I even ask the Holy Spirit to sweep through me and my house, I don’t want anything here that should not be. I want Him to have His glory, it shines like the sun, but it is a shield and hedge around me. It keeps me from drying up and withering away.

In if you need a burst of wind, He is that too. There is no reason to sit thirsty for His presence or longing to know His plans and promises, the wind of the Spirit moves to and from and you don’t always see Him but He is there and there is no reason to linger in a wilderness or thirst upon dry land or to stumble over rocky ground, just call Him when there is no wind in sight. Rebecca Jones  / pexels

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