Soak In His Presence

Valentine’s Day may be over, I hope you got a treat.  And still we can soak in His presence today, whether or not you can go to the spa. Every woman needs time every day to rest and relax in the Lord So let’s go to the spiritual spa. Jesus said to Come unto Him all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Did you know that that is not written in the declarative sentence form but imperative? It is written as an interjection.

Hey, let’s go back to English class here even if we read a devotional as we soak. Interjections usually have an exclamation point. Though the Bible had no punctuation as we know it, originally, just jots and tittles. Jesus was a calm and gentle man but He made Himself perfectly clear. Many promises to the believer are conditional,  there is something the believer must do in order to receive, like Mark 11:23, you have to believe you receive, not when you get it but when you pray.

So rest is not merely a suggestion but an insistence, one might even say a command. He did not us wandering a desert, and not entering His rest. You will never find rest or peace without His peace. And His peace is miraculous, nothing like just a brief respite from trouble, it is being smack in the middle of it and know He’s there too.

I started to put a woman soaking in a tub of bubbles, and that would have been nice, but since we are to be shod with the gospel of peace, I went for a foot bath. Sounds good, I might get a pan of water and go for it. I used to buy tea tree oil at the mall until the little shop went out of business, and later I was able to find Ahavah from Israel in some stores. Ahavah, pronounced like it sounds, means love. And that’s what God is.

There are lots of great products from the Dead Sea, with salt and minerals, all kinds of creams, mud masks and hand lotions. If you can only take ten minutes to put on lotion it will be a little soaking, of course, music is good always. And I got some Amazing Grace by Philosophy, great stuff.

Perfumes and aromatherapy are something else to consider, though I have heard some who are against aroma therapy, I know there are certain fragrances that are calming, the perfume I wear is, and it is my secret. Sorry. There are perfumes  that are sold with names like Queen Esther, sandalwood and spices are mentioned in His Word, I would just ask the Holy Spirit what to use or avoid. I would avoid the new age things, though I have been in spas that do that type thing and have an Asian influence or music. Believers will know what God sees as acceptable and what He will have them avoid what is not. It is not anything to panic about.

I know a lady who got rid of certain novels because she felt they glorified killing, actually, I think they may have been more tame than those fear instilling ones, and I do not believe Christians need to watch excessive violence or that directed toward women.

We were made to love and be loved and not to be treated any way other than God intended, we were made for His rest, to wear the shoes of peace and walk in His amazing grace, and in order to that, we are going to have to soak in His rest, at least a little while every day. Rebecca Jones

2 thoughts on “Soak In His Presence”

  1. I love a good soak in our tub, Rebecca and last week I indulged in a discounted Chinese massage – just what I needed. God invites us to rest moment by moment, and I can forget that 24/7 invitation. May you be blessed and refreshed today as you rest in Him. Sue


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