The Beauty Of His Word

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After resting in December, and carrying it into 2018, I am starting January with a few word studies to give us deeper meaning and show us how we sometimes gloss over a Bible verse thinking we know a meaning of a word or it’d definition. And while we do have a general knowledge, there are synonyms, other translations and even deeper definitions that we knew.

The word condemnation from Romans 8:1, being condemned was like an image of a rundown house falling in on me, But did I know it means to declare something evil? While I chose a few ore difficult ones, there are easier ones as well, The meaning of lost took on a life of it’s own.

I like doing posts in series. For three years I have participated in the 30 Day Writer’s Challenge in October. That might be why I was able to go from posts of three or seven to a month. I like having a thought or a consistent theme. But 2018 is starting with words and ending with words.

The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us and He is still with us in Spirit. I hope the Word walks among us in 2018 and releases a fresh anointing of His Word, His love, joy and peace as we rest in Him. He is grace and truth and favor. I hope you will join me January 1st.

I look forward to blogging as long as I can. I am also praying for many people and that is taking some of my time and energy. I do welcome any requests. You can leave a comment or send a pin to my Pinterest board. I plan on delving deep into His Word . You do have to dig for treasure, don’t you? And who would be worth more than a gold nugget or a diamond  or even a rare artifact? Jesus, He is eternal, timeless, ageless, priceless and altogether lovely.

I will be in prayer about what to study, sometimes words come from the Holy Spirit and sometimes through inspiration and what others are also contributing, sometimes many of us are on the same page, if you will.  There is poetry in the Psalms, wisdom in the Proverbs, Hope in the Gospels.

I have a lot of stud in many areas and topics, and even like to study Greek and Hebrew, especially Hebraic roots and how they apply to Christians, I have said before, the Bible is like peeling an onion. You peel it and cry. The depth of our Lord’s sacrifice comes to life in Isaiah 53.

And nothing is more beautiful that the Gospel of John, because Jesus is all through it, talking about how He loves us and how He prays for us. We may take some of the smaller books to focus on as well. The shorter books, like Ruth and Jonah, and 1,2,3rd John are just as powerful.

I love words and beautiful words whether in song or poetry or in another book. As we begin a New Year, let’s take a moment together everyday, whether you join me on the blog or just read at home, to praise Him, worship and let Jesus live in a heart in a luminous way, let enjoy the beauty of His Word. God bless. Rebecca Jones / stock photo

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