He Rests With You


I had a good birthday. But I have had to slow a lot down lately with a lot going on, recovering my own health and strength praying for others, blogging and life in general. You know, the laundry, the dishes, the endless to do list, whether you work from home or run in the rat race.

I came home and sat down in my lazy chair, leaned my head back after cleaning the laundry room and thought about wrapping gifts, as I did, the Holy Spirit whispered as He will in those still, quiet moments. ” Just rest, I’m resting with you. ”

And indeed He is, God, the Father finished His work after six days, He enjoys Sabbath rest, watching things work out. Jesus finished His work at the cross. He is in heaven at the Father’s right hand. He seats us in heavenly places and set His banner of love over us, but many of us are like the ones who would not enter in.

We are tired, we are weary and heavy laden. We need to come to Jesus and rest. The pretzel rods will wait. They’re not hard to make, dip in chocolate, and roll in sprinkles. Matthew 11:28-30, tells us to come and rest. Let’s be yoked to Jesus. Let’s opt for the app of easy and light.

I don’t think He minds the comparison. He understands tech talk better than I. He will make all things beautiful in His time, Ecclesiastes 3:11 says and He will, He holds eternity in His hand.

Isaiah wrote a prophecy about Jesus, that the Spirit of the Lord would rest on Him, You can read even more in chapter 11:verse 2. Now, God has given is His precious Son, and when we are born again, we have the Holy Spirit, but keep in mind that the Holy Spirit descended on Him just after He was baptized by John. So Jesus was baptized and baptized in the Ho;y Spirit in effect at the same time.

I know there is differing opinions and doctrines on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and  tongues and gifts, yet when the disciples asked, there were some who had not heard of the Holy Spirit, and when they asked about baptism, they were told that the saved were baptized with John’s baptism.  Then they were prayed for and received the Holy Spirit. What amazing grace to have Him resting on you. Acts 19:2. Hebrews 4 also talks about rest.

I like to make things easy to understand. If you ask Jesus in for the first time, ask Him for His Spirit as well. It is a power gift. If like me you were save and had to learn about the gifts of the Spirit, it can be hard to unlearn false teaching, intentional or not, but the Holy Spirit is the best teacher. And if He wants me to rest, I’m resting.

Worry and fatigue is no fun. And you will enjoy your Christmas more with Christ resting in you, the hope of glory. Rebecca Jones stock photo…

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