A Season of Rest

( I felt led to share this post, actually we are not even at Thanksgiving, He wants us to remain in His rest. How else can He bless us? )

I know what you’re thinking. ” This girl is crazy! ” Thanks, I am little, but in a good way. And yes, I know Thanksgiving is over and your tired of turkey leftovers and fretting over the pecan pie slices you ate and still I say rest. Because the Lord does. We are past Thanksgiving and nearing Hanukkah, Kislev 25, December 12-20, so before we start to gift wrap and go all shopaholic, we need to step back and rest. I mean, really rest, in Jesus.

Actually, we should rest all the time in the Lord’s finished work. Isaiah 53 is full of powerful promises. He has provided for us all that we need to walk out a successful Christian life. He died to purchase our salvation, let’s remember that as we  start to whip out the credit cards or shop online. Just as Christmas is more about Jesus than gifts, so is salvation more than being saved. It includes healing, protection and angels.

He died for our health. let’s remember  that as we enjoy family dinners and nights out with friends. As we bake and we taste test. As we enjoy warm cookies and warm cocoa and fireplaces and the hearts and hearth of family. It’s not about food or health, He is the healer and no matter your diet or lifestyle, though it is good to be healthy, ultimately, He is the the great Physician. ( I got that from someone in perfect shape, the Spirit sort of scolded her about over jogging. ) Both healthy and unhealthy people meet their Maker. I can tell you it is more about His love, not even how much we love Him, but how much he loves us, His sacrifice, His grace and His peace, it is all about Him. Beginning and end of story.

We need to appreciate each other, because life is precious and so many grieve and mourn their losses so much so that they do not enjoy the holidays. While you should never allow grief that kind of place or feeling guilty, it happens way too much. Let’s not do that but rejoice in good memories and make new ones. Keep a place at your table for the Lord.  I had a big red and gold striped chair for Him in my house, and would often go sit there. I miss it, with I kept the old living room suite.

I have seen those cute chairs that have angel wings. I wanted to make one, and invite angels to be welcome visitors and protect my home. I do have a little white one and and may put wings on the back. There are lots of great ways to enjoy this month. It doesn’t have to be stressful or hectic, and it may not be just perfect. It doesn’t have to be because Jesus is! Oh, how I love Jesus! I wish I knew how to convey that better than with my words. I hope people will see someday. Heaven will Christmas everyday with Jesus, should we have that now as believers as we get there. Peace to the body of Christ from the Prince of Peace.

So take a nap, turn on some music, and the phone off. Rest in Jesus. What Child Is This? The one who came to seek and save the lost, He redeemed us.  He loves us, He heals us, rejoices in us. And He delights in us, sings over us Zephaniah 3:17. So in the season of giving and receiving, let’s give Him time and love Him in His rest, and receive it. There is no need to rush, He is redeeming the time.

You can exhaust yourself in giving or rest yourself in receiving. What will it be? Hebrews 4 is clear about God wanting to give the children of Israel rest. They never entered it. And it was Sabbath rest like God the Father had after finishing creation, rest like Jesus sitting at His right hand after the horror of crucifixion. It tears at my heart that He loves me that much.

I love this time of year, it is a blessing, a joy. I love Christ more than the day we set aside though. I want to rest with Him. Glory to God in the Highest! I want my peace on earth. An why shouldn’t we have a season of rest with heaven in our hearts?

Rebecca Jones / Photo by Alex Blajan, Unsplash, thank you.

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