The Miracle of Emma Grace

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Emma Grace was born in September, to proud parents, J and A, and this story is a miracle…..they are happy to share but I was asked to respect their privacy.

She weighed 5 lbs, but was in serious condition and was sent to the NICU. She had intestinal surgery, tubes were placed in her. From the tone of the prayer request, I’m not sure doctors thought she would make it.

At two days old the doctors operated again, this time they took out a piece of intestine. I was reading that if she survived, she would be wearing colostomy bag her whole life. I wrote on the timeline, I didn’t want to believe that and prayed for Isaiah 53 to be over her. I have prayed that for other babies, usually, cancer patients, to be covered by it like a blanket.

The days went by and I kept looking to see the updates. She was still in critical condition and on a lot of pain medication. I told her great aunt and uncle that I would put her on a prayer board. I connected with people who I  pray with on a regular basis, people from England, Australia, and all over the United States were praying for this little girl.

If you knew me personally, you’d know how I get involved with people, I really do have to distance myself. I get emotionally involved, it’s just the way He put His love in me. So, if I ever do come off as aloof or not joining in certain things, or not responding the way some think I should, it is because I have to rest, I have to refresh, I have to be alone, I have to pray. Jesus did this too. It works.

I pray deeply for others, and so I don’t worry or walk the floors, I choose rest over a lot of other things. I was there in spirit, but more important than me, was Jesus, and angels wings enfolding her.

So when Facebook dinged, I’d say, ” Maybe, it’s about the baby…. ” I had days in the summer when I prayed for cancer patients, some of whom are still alive, when they shouldn’t be, because of His grace, when I was just spent. I must have paced like I was related, and I guess I am, a sister in Christ. I learned to rest, to trust that healing power that touched so many in the Word, to trust the very Word, Jesus, Himself. The power that has touched me and my family so often, I have to share with others.

I waited, on the Saturday afternoon before I heard the news, my dog was barking at the door. I went to hush her. She hates for anyone or anything to be in her yard, except she thinks the whole street and everybody else’s yard is hers too. It could have been anything, a neighbor working outside or the mail lady, the stray cat, she loves to chase away, or even someone returning home.

But it was nothing of the kind, a monarch butterfly was at her eye level, fluttering from one patch of grass to another wanting to be seen. It was small but beautiful and I always have been attracted to butterflies and them to me, angels in disguise. I thought of 2 Corinthians 5:17, a new creature in Christ, wasn’t that what Emma Grace was, a small and beautiful, delicate new creation?

I watched and waited everyday. News came very late on Sunday, she was alert, pain meds cut and tubes that had drained horrid brown fluid were running clear and removed. She had been on IV fluids, unable to eat. The thank you gif popped across the screen, doctors even thought it was miraculous and there were tears of joy, a gift from the Lord, a good and perfect gift, expected to be there over a month could be going home that Friday. ( the 1st week of October, it was actually the 9th ). The prayer warriors were elated, as was the family, and the angels of heaven, no one happier than Jesus, He did as we asked and we believed for her complete healing.

Later, I learned that she was drinking, and then she is giggling, and we are giggling with her. Emma Grace is a little miracle, a testimony of His love at nine days old. And going home in a diaper! And why not? It is all about Him, the maker of miracles. The only one who is worthy of praise, the only one who could offer eternal life, and gave His life, and the miracle of Isaiah 53.

Emma Grace is a miracle, and a blessing, and though my blog is smaller, it is connected and it is all about Him and all because of Him that the Miracles of Emma Grace goes around the world. May she be filled with His Spirit and joy, and grow in the loving arms of her parents and Jesus.

  • Emma Grace had a few doctor visits but now goes every six months, she and her mother are much better and she is two and can walk.

Rebecca Jones / Kelly Sikkema, Unsplash / AdobeSpark

These cake pops were inspired by one of the Pinterest boards for the challenge, which had both fire and floral elements to it. Description from I searched for this on

Father, in Jesus name there are children who will never know your love unless your Spirit instructs them, from other cultures, orphanages, those who are trafficked. Even those who are abused. I ask you to sent them angels, to sing over them, to hold them and comfort them, even those who are unable to be touched, are accessible to you babies in the wombs, those who are in serious and critical condition in hospitals, rock the babies, angels can do it. Fold loving wings of joy around them and let them speak your love to precious ears, Jesus loves me, this I know. Amen.

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6 thoughts on “The Miracle of Emma Grace”

  1. What a beautiful testimony to the fact that God is still in the business of miracles! I just love how He has wired your soul to connect with others in such a deep and meaningful way. I’m so glad you pointed out how you will withdraw and retreat at times. It is something I need to do but struggle to do well. I do not shake the feelings of guilt while withdrawing!

    Thank you so much for sharing this story at #MomentsofHope!
    Blessings and smiles,


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