The Accuser of My Heart


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So you are a born again believer, child of God, daughter of the King. What’s wrong then? Why do you have so much worry and despair, you feel guilt and shame over things long ago forgiven by Jesus, and take blame for others, and problems not even caused by you. You have a lot of self doubt or confusion, your confidence is gone, even if you have confidence in Him.

You are not alone. Jesus is pouring out spiritual gifts upon believers. Not all of them are listed in His Word. These are anointings that are falling out upon us as part of His love and favor, He is grace, itself.

It is the love that is lavished on us by a loving Father who wants to  break down cycles of abuse, even if it us allowing the accuser or the brethren to accuse us unknowingly. We all recognize certain lies. But after a while we can grow weary, of waiting for answers to prayers and just in our well doing or our daily lives. By doing so we can allow the enemy to accuse us.

Let me tell you that he accuses you in your thoughts and it is a lot easier to cast down as long as you have sound knowledge of the Word. If he says, you did so and so, you can thing but I have been forgiven east to west and that was…years ago.

But there are words that just are a weigh on your heart, almost the proverbial millstone. there are days you are crushed under them, and days you brush them aside. But you may not know what the day will bring. Even Jesus said there would be a certain amount of evil in the day. We have to over come the day. And not ;let the day overcome us.

Many, many women suffer from diseases that some probably think are in their head. I think maybe, some are in there heart. You know whether you truly repented before the Lord and meant it, confessed Him as Lord, risen and coming soon and how you’ve tried to do as He taught or you know if you are not sure and need a real encounter with Jesus and to receive His Spirit.

As a believer, we have a real enemy who would destroy our souls if possible. And he causes a lot of mental and physical fatigue and plagues the minds and hearts of women with worry and restlessness. We tend to repeat behaviors, fall into patterns of sleepless nights, even half hearted attempts  to read the Word or listen to music. I get it. I gave in before, but now I know that there are many blessings that He wants to shower us with.

So ask Him, spend intimate time with the Lord, talk over anything and everything, just love Him and thank Him, and seek His rest, His peace. And He is our confidence, we know He answers prayers.

Only He can erase the past and make us look ahead to brighter days and new beginnings and O believe He is doing that with me. The breastplate of righteousness has always been a part of our armor, and yet it is as if the fiery darts are quenched but words are slipping through somehow and the devil has been able to accuse our hearts.

He is greater in us, Jesus, who resides there. And He is the Prince of Peace, He is our peace. Let’s receive it into our hearts by faith. And breathe the sweet peace of heaven as shallow, selfish and vain words fall to the floor. And angels walk beside us with their feathers sweeping them away like so much dust, back into the devils’s mouth.

May He silence the accuser of the brethren, this Yom Kippor. I am willing to let Him. I will receive special blessings and favors as the ten days of awe wind down. I am thankful He has silenced the accuser of my heart.





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