God’s In The Details

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I have always loved taking pictures. You would think with phones and IPads I would be right back at it, well I may be when I get the hang of it. I don’t need all those weird pictures you see floating around, not of everything I’m doing, cooking dinner, the neighbors roses, no, I’m more the professional.

I like staging things, I don’t want everything photo shopped, I think you can be still, or you won’t hear God. Psalm 46:10 I like the dressed up, the Hollywood glam makeup. Will it be perfect? If God is in the details. And He is in the details. You know that silly expression, ” the devil is in the details. ” Forget it! God is! He’s the greater one and He knows everything!

I can file that one under old wives tales because God has always had a plan and a purpose and He is in the details, every detail of the life of the believer. He is in your work, He is in your home, your family and your marriage, if you let Him be. And we can live life day by day in His abundance of grace.

Still not convinced? Well, maybe I can help. If you want Him to be a part of something ask Him, love Him and invite Him. I have a chair set aside just for Him. He is welcome with me. I used to think so differently, the enemy battered my thought life. But God restored my writing and creative soul.

I studied the word and got a little caught up in end times and prophecy but i went back to John and how much He loves us. I studied Hebrew. Hebrew is very symbolic. each letter has a word picture. YHVH, the tetragramaton of  God the name, Yahweh has the symbols that read, The hand, behold, the nail, behold, as far back as Genesis or even before, God planned redeem us through Christ.

Let’s look at Shalom, peace the word symbols read, sheen, lamed, vav and mem. The letters for sheen are like flames or fire. Jesus said He would destroy the temple and raise it in three days, the word is destroy, lamed is a hook or shepherd’s staff, the vav is a nail and mem, which is water.

Jesus willingly gave His life, His body destroyed for us an offering, He was and is the good Shepherd, nailed to cross, the blood and water came from His side, an atonement  and the water is a type of Holy Spirit, He left us His peace in John 14:27

It literally reads destruction of the shepherd who shed blood for our peace. The word ahavah, love is that God watches over His house or family.  There are so many great truths in studying Hebrew, I will do some more as we move on after we get through our month of angels.

Next time you start thinking that the devil is in the details, forget it. God is in control and in command of our lives if we let Him be, He is in the details and He described Jesus in every detail, even His coming in Word pictures.

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