Grace Notes


I happened across that phrase, grace notes. I immediately went back to my piano lesson days and remembered the small, nonessential notes. That they are small, above the other notes and sometimes have a slash.  They may or may not be played and do not affect the melody or harmony of the piece.

Grace notes are often left to the discretion of the performer and can range from pianist to voice. They can be held a little longer or just very quick, or even overlooked. Today, I feel like a grace note, for I have held onto things, good things, a longer longer than most. And also some, I should have probably let go of before, still hoping prayer would change things, and it does, but not all people are receptive. And I have felt the slash of the accuser’s words, and of heartbreak and grief, I know loss. I know what it is to be lost and found.

I had pianist desires, I wasn’t very good. No matter how hard I tried. But God gift’s are not something we have to struggle for or with. I wish I’d known that when I pounded out Somewhere Over the Rainbow. And when the Little Drummer Boy couldn’t quite make his last rum pah pum and drew laughter. I backed out a church performance once even though I could do it. I kept thinking surely they won’t boo me off stage.

But I never really had any stage fright, just the not good enough mindset. A mindset put in by the enemy and not by Jesus, who loved me and blessed me with many gifts, some I never realized or even the potential of. I never thought I ‘d blog or minister to women this way. It’s all about Him, for His glory.

So maybe, He has a lot more little grace notes around. We don’t affect the harmony or the melody of His amazing grace. To a lot of people we may appear non essential or with no purpose, sometimes what we do or say or pray and the difference we make is held, and someties it is quick but powerful. It depends on the performer. I made it clear in an earlier post that I now have to play to an audience of one, Jesus. Because I was a flop at people pleasing, I just can’t agree that He might heal you, He might not, and that you never know what He is up to.

No, I know Jesus is my best friend, sticks with me. He loves me more than anyone, and will never leave me. Nor I Him. I know He heals, I have been in need of it. He protects and delivers. He is my music and I am merely a grace note, not that I don’t matter, because even if I didn’t matter to anyone, I would matter to Him.

And if He is the singer of the song of my life and He rejoices over me in song, Zephaniah 3:17, then His performance can also be for an audience of one, me. Even though Jesus belongs to the world. He has enough love and grace and peace, joy and truth to go around and still treat us as individuals.

We, grace notes are love notes, sung by the Master, played by the classical pianists of heaven, Angelic choirs gathered round His throne. No, we may not affect the harmony or melody, but He certainly affects ours.

Praise Him, praise Him, in the heights, sun and moon. Praise Him all you shining stars. What a glorious wonder our sweet Lord is. And I am proud to be a grace note, it’s still amazing. Rebecca Jones

Poetry prompt- take a song (no lyrics) and write the words that mold to the sounds. Make a song using only words and passion.

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