The Second Adam

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Adam, the first man, was made from the dust of the earth, while Christ, the second man, came from heaven. 1 Corinthians 15:47

I wrote about Adam. So it’s about time I wrote about the second Adam. It took a long time for God’s plans to come to fruition in order to redeem mankind. The devil tried to thwart it lots of times. Certainly, he still thought he could be God. But this man didn’t cave to his every whimsy. He never bowed His will or knee to the wicked one.

Women take a bad wrap for giving Adam an apple, though I think it could have even been a pomegranate. Why, because of the number of seeds and Jewish law, but that’s only a supposition. It stuck in his throat, hence the phrase Adam’s apple. When I was younger, the joke about Adam’s phone number was I812, and that friends is long before cell phones. Even before my time.

And men take a ribbing, pun intended. Where were you? Why didn’t you say no? You should have repented. People, any of us could have been deceived. It would take Jesus to come and bring the plan of salvation, if only we would receive. And yes, He brought grace and truth, but let’s not abuse the grace by continuing in sin and counting on forgiveness. Don’t disgrace grace.

Adam was a perfect man and walked with God, probably Jesus. Jesus was a perfect man, but also God. Adam failed, Jesus didn’t. He came to redeem both men and women, and He looks at them as equals in Him. He has a strong cord in a Godly marriage. He honors marriage between a  man and woman. He made a plan for a reason.

Adam was disobedient, Jesus was obedient unto death. He died to save us, He literally took out place. Isaiah 53 is the perfect passage to explain it. God finished creation. Jesus finished salvation. I could sit here and parallel Adam and Jesus  even more. Whatever deceived Adam, we may never know. But Jesus was never fooled by the adversary, and teaches us through the Holy Spirit, how to avoid it.

But I write this blog to encourage women. Jesus gave  women a place, a hope, their freedom. The perfect couple in the garden were asked to leave for their protection, not to live forever in sin. Jesus will never leave us or forsake us, we are neither widows nor orphans, He’ll gladly hold us as we cry out to Him for help, He is never far away, when the enemy prowls. He see our tears, our hearts, our fears. He did not give us that fearful spirit, but He understands, and covers you with righteousness.

He may say, ” I love you, come to me with your prayers, make any request or demand of me. There is nothing I can’t do for you. Nothing is too hard for me. If you believe, believe with all your heart and not let it be troubled or afraid. The mistakes you made are covered by blood, I will not remember. Do not listen to the enemies lies about you  or me. For he is weak and I am a strong tower to run to. Embrace my love, not lies. ”

” If his voice is a whisper, mine is softer still. And I will calm you, quiet you, let you be still in my love and rest. The wicked one roams and would have you weary with no rest and instill fear, falsely accuse you and attack your faith in me. But I am with you. If he begins to roar, do no listen, for he is not a king. I am the Prince of Peace and King of Kings, and my roar is mighty and defends you. If he is subtle, suggesting bad ideas, impressing worry, depression, illness into your soul, then I am sustenance, and I took upon my head a crown of thorns, to crown you with my peace. ”

” If he is permissive and persuasive, I am your shepherd, do not follow. You know my voice. It is like honey and myrrh, it is healing and calm, and a balm of ointment and contentment. I am your only rest, will you come and rest in my words? I will not deceive you, I do not want you to fall, or turn from me but from the wicked ways and the wicked one, who would destroy beauty if he could. ”

” If he calls to you from the darkness, do not listen and do not obey and walk into darkness. If I call you from the darkness, hear me, I will bring you into the light of my love and you will not fear the terror by night. I created the night and called it good. It is a place of rest with a moon for light and I will bathe your nights in the light of the Son. There is no darkness in me, even if I stand in dark. My voice is protection, his is affliction. I offer life, he brings death. ‘

” Know little ones that the adversary is not an equal, he has no rights concerning you, if you belong to me. I want you to belong to me. I long for you to belong to me and be beloved and to walk again with me in the garden of God some day. I came and gave my life to give you life. Walk with me, rest with me, if the enemy comes, I will protect you, I am your Adam and I am your Lord. ”

All it takes is one wrong move, one wrong decision, one bad apple. I’m going with Jesus.

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