To Drip With Myrrh


Esther went through six months of beauty treatments including the use of myrrh. Six months of that, and six more of other cosmetics and spice. It was used as a perfume, perhaps, even a bath.  Esther is an interesting study. The King tosses out Queen Vashti for refusing to dance for a lot of drunken party goes. Even though he probably regretted it, it was done and then he issues orders to fill a harem with prospective brides.

Esther was one, a beautiful girl, an orphan, taken in by Mordecai. I’m not sure if he was an actual uncle or just a family referred to as an uncle. Anyway God placed Esther there for such a time as that in order to save the Jewish race. He ordered her steps and she found favor with the king.

She fasted three days and found out just how much favor as she entered the court without his permission. One commentary reads about how weak she was from hunger and thirst and after being devoted to prayer, it says she was actually helped to dress by servants, imagine pushing back huge palace doors and risking your life, God’s fragrance was upon her.

Now let’s talk about myrrh and Jesus. Jesus drank a cup of death in the garden, He was offered wine mingled with myrrh and gall. It was not an act of mercy as myrrh had pain killing properties, it was in a sense, ladanum, given to suffering prisoners. Jesus didn’t just not drink it because He had to endure the full brunt of the agony of the cross, though that is, in effect, true enough, He was also was not going to be bitter with the gall of others about sacrificing His life.

Myrrh must have been valuable, the wise men brought it to Him, the Bible is rich in symbolism. I will research that one. While the while the magi were wise men, it is important for us to be wise women and understand that God rewards those who seek. Was it the perfume of the alabaster box? It was used also for embalming. Mary of Bethany prepared Him for death.

And we know it is in the Song of Solomon. The Lord is literally dripping with the fragrance of offering, whether in use in the temple, for sanctification, healing, to cover spiritually ” dead ” things in our lives. Jesus is our myrrh, our fragrance, if you ever doubt His love, remember His hands and feet.

His blood dripped into a spiritual vessel and He later sanctified the Holy of Holies, so that the devil can no longer come and accuse but we can come boldly to the throne of grace, the Holy Spirit rent the veil of the temple, His flesh was rent for us. Now we can come and make our requests known.

That is pure love in the one they pierced, He drips with the fragrance of myrrh, His hands and feet, and His side, from His heart. The place from which woman was created for Adam, Jesus, referred to as the second Adam, our atonement, Jesus with a heart for women, the perfume of our souls.


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