To Testify of Love


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I was praying for my mother, I heard these words drop into my spirit. ” I need her to testify of love.” I knew it as the Holy Spirit. We have all been under attack lately, prayer warriors, myself, my mother, and perhaps a lot of you as well. And these words are not less true for any of us.

It took me back to an episode of Touched By An Angel, about a dying little boy, his mother, played by Wynonna Judd, writes a song she calls Psalm 151. There isn’t one. The lyrics include, ” For as long as I shall live, I will testify of/to love. ”

I have not seen that in ages but it made an impression, obviously. The Holy Spirit used those words to relay His plans for my mother, a good plan, a plan to prosper her, because we are in a time so close to the coming of the Lord. This is the generation that could see the return of Christ for a glorious and spotless church, unlike the little boy in the show, many people will not see death.

We will receive a glorified body at the catching away, the dead in Christ rise first, and we who are alive and remain, will be caught up to meet Him. I realize this is a doctrine a lot of people are not familiar with or do not believe, nevertheless it is Scriptural.

The key to this is those of us who remain. What does that mean? It doesn’t just mean remain as in being here. It means ” remain ” in just as in the term Jesus uses about prayer, ” that if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you can ask what you will in my name and I will do it..” John 15:7 and without  looking it up I think is says for the Father’s glory.

Jesus also says that He wants ” Joy ” to remain in us and that no man takes it. So how do we let go of that? He doesn’t let people take it, but we do, in many ways. We let people dissuade us away from faith, when we know God cannot lie, if He promises it, He will do it. He is faithful. John 15:11, chairos, to rejoice.

We let what I call, sci’s…satan comes immediately’s, ruin whatever it is we have prayed about, for indeed, he will try to delay, distract and deceive. So don’t let him steal your joy either, even through fellow believers. The devil will come immediately in an attempt to copy Jesus, but he is a liar and a thief, he’s no match for Jesus. And he is always a defeated foe.

And John says in 14:27, that Jesus left us His peace. Not just any peace, but His peace. That is extraordinary peace in the face of disaster, amid the chaos, in spite of that it may look like is going to happen, we must let our hearts remain in His peace.

So I am very much expecting to be a living and remaining witness to the love of Jesus and his healing touch. I will never give up the ability to testify of love, even though the song says for as long as I shall live, Jesus gave us ionos zoe, eternal life, not just a life full of days or lots of thing we accomplish or or even a large family. No, it’s not that. It is life more abundantly, it overflows and it shines with the love of Jesus, we are to be so brimming with His glory and grace that it overflows the cup of righteousness that we drink from, Jesus drank the cup of death in Gethsemane.

I didn’t realize how much the enemy despised that love, something he will never know again. For sin didn’t enter in the garden, it began in a prideful angel, who thought he could do better and never has, all he does is destroy. Death and hell are meant for him and those who would follow him, not the people Jesus died for, so why can’t they believe?

I know my mother and God had good plans for her, she will be around a long time and she will remain in love, she will testify of love. So, knowing my mother, she is strong in faith, and I know she taught me love, and helped me hold on to it in my darkest hours. I know she will testify of love.

Rebecca Jones langll / pexels / Adobe Spark


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