Don’t Let The devil Drive


A piece of advice ladies, don’t let the devil drive or you will be a wreck. I just could not resist this analogy that this thought brought to mind. I had a dream about my aunt, she was letting someone drive her, a seven yr. old, his sister was there, as they barrel on, she appeared unconcerned. It was like she was coloring and crocheting or whatever she does and ignoring the, completely.

When I told her she laughed and asked who they hit. It never got that far but I was able to tell her she was allowing this boy to drive her, and in truth, he loves to annoy her when she is watching him. I told her not to let him get to her. Usually, the driving dreams are either personal ministry, ministry, or even big ministry. Major ministry.

I won’t relay the entire story. However, a friend in ministry had one of the dreams. She had a nice new car, ( she and her husband both need one, so let’s pray for that ) and this was an expensive one. But in her dream other people were driving it when she didn’t want them to, they had destroyed inside. And she was angry. She ordered these people out of her car.

Her dream was prophetic. Her ministry was being hijacked by someone else, either on purpose or unknowingly, she was allowing something some had done or said to creep in. Something was bothering her in her spirit. In the dream, she took authority. She had to do the same in the natural.  God had shown her how in the dream. Prayer would show he more and her nice new ministry got back on the road. It may be that she’s driving an old car now, but God sees what she’s doing as an expensive vehicle of His making and he wants her driving, not others, nor the devil. God is in control. Let Him have the wheel, and steer you to safety.

Driving dreams are pretty common among believers. Although many do not know how to interpret them. And you do have to be careful. I have had several. Usually, they have been that I was being driven the wrong way by someone, even into a storm. I would be yelling, ” You’re going the wrong way! ” I knew exactly what that dream was about and who.

Once, I had a dream about a cousin, a believer, he was driving a white car. ( He drives a red truck. ) Where I used to live, the was a narrow little road behind our house. It went the length of the block, to another street, a left turn took you to a dead end, a right one, down a hill.

In the dream, he was on the narrow street, ( the straight and narrow ), but suddenly, he was going the wrong way, past my  backyard driveway. I was crammed in on his left and and took the wheel and turned him around. This was a totally spiritual dream, and I have no way of knowing what it was about. There wasn’t any need to call him or warn him, I took care of it in the dream, I turned him around. Or really, the Lord did, I was just able to pray in the spirit for him.

I had not heaviness or urgency that he was in any danger. Whatever it was, a bad decision he was about to make, somewhere he should not go, the Lord straightened it out, in a dream. The Lord drives him, not the devil, he’s not a wreck. This same cousin, ran over a gray snake in his driveway. The same color as the driveway, at night. I don’t know if it was poison or not. When he stepped out, he could have stepped on it, but it was squished.

His brother also was on the freeway, the Lord prompted him to move over. He did, the car behind him hit the one in front of him. Glass went across his car and he was able to get out and help the lady in the front car. She was scared but not hurt, when the paramedics arrived it was one of his friends. The Lord was driving, not the devil, he missed the wreck, and the others were not hurt badly. It wold have been worse had he not moved.

This was a fun post to write, let’s run over the devil. Let’s squash him like a bug on the windshield. Let the Lord drive and be in control of your life and you won’t be a wreck, but the devil sure will. I heard one dream about no one driving, and the interpretation was that the Lord was driving. I don’t want to be a backseat driver if that’s the case, He knows every twist and turn, He could even navigate Lombard St., I’m not sure I could. Leave a comment if you like this post, Honk if you love Jesus! Rebecca Jones /  picjumbo

Lombard Street, the crookedest street                                                                                                                                                                       in the world. San Francisco, California


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