Got Baggage?


Are you a planner like me? It can get to be too much. It’s nice to have a bag of make up, some jewelry, a weekend bag packed and ready in the closet, ready to go at a moment’s notice. It’s nice to carry a blanket and a jacket in the trunk, flashlight. and an extra umbrella.

It’s nice to have a few snacks packed up. Throw one in your purse or dash. You never know when you will need something quick to snack on. recently with flooding a family drowning in a van, I thought scissors and hammer should be added to the car, for seat belts and windows. I’m not one of those doomsday people but I am a survivor, in Christ.

So it is a good idea to have a few things packed up or stored away, a little mad money, but what about our other luggage? You know the kind. The suitcases we lug around like we are in a Samsonite commercial, they the ones that get more and more full and heavier every day, to the point of weighing us down completely.

Ever see a show where there’s a lady who tells a bellhop or relative to get her luggage and it is so many bags or suitcases that one is under each arm and two or more in each hand. Maybe the question is posed about the length of the trip, all that for a weekend? we’ve had a few laughs at that sort of traveling.

But still there is the truth. We all have baggage, and Jesus is the only one who can unpack it. Who can lighten our load, His burden is light. In fact, He already carried it for us in the form of a cross. What was in your bag? You don’t have to tell me, just tell Him. It could have been a long term illness, or a life threatening one. It could be a lost love or rejection.

Day after day, you’ve carried your bag of guilt, shame or disappointment. Maybe, like me, you’ve blamed yourself or thought you weren’t a good enough Christian. Maybe, like me, you let people persuade you that you didn’t have enough faith. Maybe, you believe the continual lie of the enemy replayed in your soul. You replay them, he isn’t God, he’s not always with you. Jesus is.

Is’t it about time we unpacked. Open those suitcases full of old scars and wounds and toss out the blouse of the blahs that became depression, shrug off the sequined jacket of jealousy, the soiled skirt of shame, the creased pants of perfection. You can’t be perfect but He is, and He’s our only hope of getting close to it.

Swap the sweater of seduction, real love is within reach, don’t listen to spirits that would lure your from your faith into a foul  place of darkness. Grief and depression are real mental places and not ones, not even nice ones to visit, much less to stay overnight in or check in for a lengthy stay, no, that’s way too much baggage.

Jesus already knows what hurts you, who you’ve hurt. Whether there is forgiveness. He knows every answer to every problem. Do we want to be able to hear it? If the answer is yes, the give your bags to Jesus, shake off the shoes of chaos and put on the shoes of peace. Toss away the ratty old bathrobe and curlers, get up and get on your feet again. There is a robe of righteousness waiting for you, a garment of praise will replace heaviness.

Don’t keep sitting on a suitcase with a broken down vehicle that’s going nowhere. Catch the cruise ship that is heaven bound, walk worthy in white, a pearl of great price, it cost His life, you have permission to come aboard as a believer, you can take a seat at the captain’s table and He wants to say well done, your room is ready, and should anyone dare to ask about luggage, tell them Jesus carried for you, and that you have nothing to declare but His mercy, His love and grace. Smile the peaceful smile He’s hoping to see, say you’ve nothing left to carry on. Rebecca Jones


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