9/11, Again


It’s 9/11 again. Everyone remembers that day. But I remember a day in September five years ago when my health came under a vicious attack of the enemy. I’m sure it could have been fatal except for my mother’s prayers, His mercy and grace, my will to live and be who God wanted me to be. Even then, and sometimes now, it is a fight.

But Jesus goes before me and He has it under control. I have learned to rest in Him. This is one of my favorite paintings, it’s called I AM by Nathan Greene. I will add another one I made as an example, not my original, to show you what  did.

I knew Isaiah 53 was real and He was the Healer, He took my place. So I took this picture I loved and ran it off the printer. With a black marker, I started to write over it, all my health problems, emotional distress and fatigue. I wrote it all around Him.

If you find that offensive, I apologize. There was a time I would have too. I wouldn’t have even been afraid to write a note in a Bible and now I use coloring and artwork to share His love with others. I want to share His healing power with you too.

He does not want us to be afraid to come to Him. He took everything. I heard about a woman who refuses to go the Bible study at the senior center, she says she doesn’t believe God can forgive her. My comment was “Does she think she is above God? ” If He sent Jesus and He did, why would He not forgive?

So let’s get back to the picture, if you decide to do it. Run it off like and 8×10, there may be another picture you prefer, I thought of one of the crucifixion. Read Isaiah 53, out loud, write you sickness, disease, fears, pains, depression… you get the idea. Look at it when you need too. You could even write them in the margin of Isaiah 53, in the Bible, if you don’t want to do the picture. Or maybe just use a coloring page or journal it for your personal reference. You only have to share it with Jesus unless he asks you to  testify of healing.

Please remember, I mean no disrespect, and certainly not to the artist, I was in a lot of pain. I really expected to die. But He is merciful and gracious. So when you face your own 911, Jesus is there. Rebecca Jones



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