Pray Out Loud

As you may know I try to use a good picture to illustrate my post. Since this blog is primarily designed for women, I usually use women, mostly dressed in white. I had a friend use the term walk in white. We are all beloved and if we are believers in Jesus we are walking in  white , brides of Christ as long as we walk with clean hands and pure heart before Him.

But we were all little girls once. Bless you, if you had a father to look up to  but so many did not. Even if their fathers were present, so many girls have had trouble identifying with a loving Heavenly Father, because of the relationship with the earthly one. This old photograph even with it’s stains, is a perfect example of looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher or perfecter of our faith. Hebrews 12:2.

I recently read of a girl trapped in a car accident. She asked paramedics to pray with her ” out loud “. They were reluctant because they didn’t want her to give up, their saws had not been able to free her, but they did. When a priest came  to anointed her with oil he told the men, they could get her out now. And sure another another squad was arriving with better tools. They rescued the girl, who recovered.

But the thing was that no catholic church in the area had a priest who was there. And even more strange, there were no pictures of him, in the department’s photos. Obviously, the ” out loud prayer “, had brought her an angel. One of those angels unaware. the full story is on my Facebook page.

When we pray out loud, it’s not to be seen or heard. It is calling on Jesus, releasing the power of His name in whatever situation you find your self in. We are not try to make noise, but to pray and the noise of angelic swords, the clamor of angelic shields, the marching of the heavenly host, the very sword of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit and the angels that accompany Him, all cause the enemy to flee in terror.

Praying out loud, even if it isn’t loud, is the best way to worship in the peace and quiet of your secret place. Just call His name and He is there. Just tell Him how much you love Him. talk to Him about your day, anything that troubles your heart, because God is love and so is Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

And Jesus does not want our  heats to be troubled,ever. So if you are in trouble, or just troubled, pray out loud. You may even get and angel or two or as many as you need, but even better you get Jesus. Rebecca Jones


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