Old Wives Tales



Women are vain creatures, let’s face it. We all want to look good, smell fabulous and make a good impression. Or else we are, depressed and miserable, watching reruns or sad movies with Kleenex, eating our hearts out. We either wear sweat pants, our house dresses, I like the long t shirts, you can sleep in them or wear them all day, I’m wearing one now, very cool on hot Georgia day. Or we will wear gym clothes to show off how good we look, or at least pretend we are going to go.

I love make up. I used to buy those kits and have fun with them until they were gone. When they stopped making my makeup I just went to name brand and chose the best shadow, blush and lipstick for everyday, not that I still don’t love a good kit. And my perfume, it’s all my own, I wear one kind. We like manicures and pedicures and spa days, masks and lotions, potions, oceans of bath products. And even treatments.

Women will have this or that tucked, enlarged or reduced, polished, tanned or bronzed, You name it, women will do it. But this post is about old wives tales. So why the “rib” tickling on women? Let me explain, 1 Timothy 4:7 says, But refuse profane and old wives’ tales. Exercise yourself toward godliness.

We all have fallen into and out of diet and exercise, just ahead of this, the verse says that bodily exercise profits little. Sure, all that is good for you but what is better? Exercise yourself toward godliness. How? Timothy tells us by the Holy Spirit, to refuse profane, that is anything irreverent, with contempt to God, heathen, common or vulgar, that covers a lot.

There is no need to be disrespectful to the things of God if you are not a believer, it will cost you if you choose to be.  Heathen, covers occult practices and recreational drugs. God may not be angered by a glass of wine or a beer, but most people cannot handle alcohol. Common and vulgar is language and behavior, I don’t really have to tell you. We have all met crude, rude and obnoxious people.

The old wives tales are funny though, they get into baby showers and gender reveals, here’s a few of the things people believe, and they are not gospel. What your baby is depending on morning sickness or not, which side you sleep on, also getting up on the wrong side of the bed. Is your skin smooth or dry? Mine is dry and I’m not having a baby.

There are weather wives tales, if leaves fall early, a mild winter. And bubbles in your coffee predicting the rain. That matters a latte. 🙂 Sorry, couldn’t resist. I needed this one to tell people, especially children, but I won’t. Don’t slam doors, you might hurt a ghost. Seriously? And if you see your shadow on Halloween in the moonlight you will die. I’m still here. Walking under ladders, all those superstitions, started somewhere and so may have a ring of truth. Friday the 13th, yes, dates back to Queen Esther, Haman wanted to wipe out the Jews on the 13th of Adar. Maybe, it was a Friday. I understand that coffee grounds do remove smoke smells. Jesus even spoke of the red sky and weather but some of these things are ridiculous. Death does come in threes, it almost did once in my family. The devil will pattern attacks in threes to attempt to imitate God.

I’m not going to put out rings of salt, if I spill pepper, it doesn’t start an argument. I’m not carrying an acorn to be young. I looked at way too many to put here, an empty pot in the oven insures food, and I have had an itch and and no money. Believe me, diet and exercise are fine but don’t depend on it, depend on on Jesus, let’s look to Him and not ourselves to stay young and healthy, and stop believing superstitions and old wives tales, you might still end up just an old wife, unless you wash clothes on New Year’s. No, that;s not why people die.

Traditionally, if you drop a fork a woman will soon visit, drop a knife and a man will pay you a visit, and drop a spoon and a child will visit. So, if you’re lonely, go dump out your silverware drawer. But don’t count crows. Personally, all my hopes rest on Jesus, I can’t count on superstition or folklore, there’s power in that name. And the wives’ tales, the old something borrowed something blue idea, I don’t think that is a  big deal, but the groom drops the ring it doesn’t doom the marriage. Whoever falls asleep first on the wedding night, is not necessarily first to die. Being carried over the threshold is cute, it doesn’t have to be superstition to keep you from falling, and if someone sweeps over your feet doesn’t make you an old maid. I had a few laughs at some of the things our ancestors believed, but apparently soap in a sock, relieves restless leg syndrome. As I said before, I rely on Jesus. You might be counting crows if count on wives ‘ tales. Rebecca Jones Oh, and if you are under the weather, don’t put stinky socks around your neck.

3 thoughts on “Old Wives Tales”

  1. Fun post, Rebecca. I wasn’t familiar with all of those “tales.” Enjoyed reading and discovering new ones. Glad we’re familiar with the true gospel and it stands no matter what. Blessings!


  2. Haha. So fun! Loved this post!
    Here’s a couple that I grew up on…
    Don’t vacuum under your feet or you will never get married.
    Opening an umbrella in the house brings bad luck.
    Don’t go in the front door and out the back without stopping or all your fortunes will go with you.
    and my favorite… If you eat chicken feet behind the front door, it will make you pretty. Haha.. true stories. I mean, seriously, who could make those up! haha!


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