My Antennae Goes Up


The devil’s antenna goes up as we get closer to God. I suppose that’s true. The more I believed in healing the sicker I was. I was on his radar. I was thinking about calling this ” Under the Radar “, thinking about stealth aircraft. It’s like be off the grid, he can’t see us, because most of the time we don’t see him

But spiritual things are invisible except by the Holy Spirit.The devil should be blinded by the glory of God on us. In order for that to happen we need to be living above the sun, or in the Son, night and day. Ever vigilant of our adversary and his false roar, he is not a king.

Ecclesiastes 8:17 speaks of what God has done, what goes on under the sun. When Jesus was crucified and risen, He took a seat at the right hand of the Father, He made us to sit with Him in heavenly places as believers, so we are in effect above the sun. We can see things from God’s point of view. If we are sick, He sees us well, whether we can or not.

My little butterfly, 2 Corinthians 5:17, my antennae went up. How does the devil walk off with our blessings? Jesus bought them, oh, I know he comes to steal kill and destroy, and immediately too, again trying to copy Jesus, but he’s no match at all. So it is the sower sows the Word and he comes to take it out of your heart and your mouth. And he would make you forget it all if he could.

And ick, I know, I had to look up snakes, I hate snakes. Did you know they don’t have ears but hear vibrations through a bone in their head. researchers aren’t sure if they sleep or not because their eyes are open all the time. Mine used to be when I could not sleep, bummer, glad that is over, that’s one snake out of my life.

Some reptiles appear to be asleep when they are cold. My question is and I got this from a guy who does this kind of work and writes for fun about it, who really cares? Guess somebody does. I only wanted it to compare it with treading on snakes and scorpions and not  getting hurt.

As a rule snakes don’t see color but the devil knows we are believers washed in the blood of Jesus. Their sort of fuzzy. Skewed blurred. They can increase their vision when threatened. To guide them, they keep their tongues out.

My Yorkie does that too, but she’s adorable. Anyway, my antennae went up and I had to poke around for some spiritual insight. I rely heavily on Psalm 91 and I just had to know the comparison to the spiritual warfare.

Of course, they rely on smell. I think the devil smells fear, something he enjoys instilling. It is is what he tries to keep us filled with, paralyzed with, poisoned with, what make us find it hard to breath in toxic situations.

So if he smells fear, injects it, can see us as a threat, hears us quoting Scripture and praising the Lord, his antennae are up, we are on his radar. But guess what, he is on ours. Let’s deafen him by asking the Lord to sound the shofar over us, let him hear angelic swords and shields, and marching.

Lets paralyze him with sheer terror and putrefy his air with our praise, let’s choke him up, cast him off, constrict and restrict him I our lives, by the power of Jesus. I would ask that He break every yoke and chain of oppression, freeing us indeed.

I never wanted to study snakes and surely the devil never interested me. Maybe, that was a mistake, the closer I was to God, the more that wicked, side winding tongue twister, rear his ugly head.

Yet, love reached for me and delivered me of all my fears. He filled me with His spirit,as I followed love I gained spiritual insight. The Holy Spirit teaches you, even with just a word, antenae. So let’s do our best to live above the sun, be privy to spiritual things and walk in them, after all we are on God’s radar. Rebecca Jones



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