Going Astray

Is this little one adorable? I would go looking for this cutie. When I realized I didn’t even know much about sheep at all, I tried to avoid the Old Testament and sacrifices as much as possible, I had start reading about them a little. This is a Swiss Mountain sheep, I’m sure that woolly lamb will make a great sweater. I don’t even like to think about atonement or Passover. It’s just something I couldn’t see as a dish.

As much as I know about the Bible though and the depth of the suffering of the Lord, this little fellow is a perfect example of the innocence He was in taking our place. Sheep will stand still and be sheared. Jesus was like that as He suffered for ours sins and to bring us to His saving grace and healing power. He was slaughtered.

Isaiah 53 tells us how we all, like sheep, have gone astray. No offense to sheep, but they are not the brightest bulbs. And I thought I was pretty smart, uh-uh. ūüôā Don’t laugh! You’re probably not so smart yourself, we’re all sheep. We go wandering off looking for greener pastures when the Lord would lead us beside still and peaceful waters.

We go of after our own ideas, many try other religions, self help and what not, when Jesus restores our soul.  We go off on highways and byways, pig trails and foot paths, over rocky places and through valleys and He would lead us in righteousness and make the crooked places straight. We keep standing there and sometimes we are standing in faith, dug in, waving our shield over our head, hoping to quench fiery darts, and He makes us to lie down in our green pasture, and says rest.

If we do not rest. He will gently guide us to it again and again.  But He is not whacking us over the head with a staff or getting us by the neck with a cane like some old vaudeville act. He has to watch us wander off, go astray and try our own dumb ways to get ahead and like a Good Shepherd, will leave the ninety and nine. I said I would even look for this cutie, but He still tries to bring salvation to the lost, He knows when to shake off the dust of His feet in trying, even if wolves devour them, He is heartbroken but we sheep have a free will. He goes after the bad ones, the broken ones, the bleeding and bruised and battered ones.

He did not break or bruise them, He took their place. He was. His skin, but not bones broken or torn. He will use the staff to lift them, He carries them tenderly to the fold and cares for them. He is the door to the sheep fold, the protection against evil. If He were not in place, we would be so easily devoured, we are really dumb, needy, weak and helpless creatures after all and need constant reassurance like little lambs.

But then we learn to follow as He leads, wherever He leads we should willing follow, not that ours souls would be lost in the since of not going to heaven, because we are lost along the way, when we are not following. As sheep, we should see the green pastures, the still brooks and streams, the sandals and the nail printed feet, the hem of His garment, and the staff of comfort, for the rod of correction is His word. I know His voice, yet I wandered. I’m sure you have to.

As for this little lamb, I’m going to follow Him closely, if He says eat. I’ll eat. Drink, I’ll drink. I hope if He stops, I’ll bump right into Him. And sometimes, I even have trouble resting, so He picks me up and carries me close to His heart. Rebecca Jones

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I Don’t Know Nothin’ ” Bout Sheep


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Please join me the next 5 days…

I could not resist using a pun on the title. Prissy from Gone With The Wind, says ” I don’t know nuthin’ about birthin’ babies. ” And I realized after read a post on another blog that I knew nuthin’ about sheep. I didn’t know that they were to be politically correct, mentally challenged creatures. Or let’s just say dumb. I don’t care for name calling but face it we’ve all done something dumb or stupid. We can be smart or a genius or even average and do dumb things. Even as a believer, I have done dumb things.

As the lady said, I’m a sheep. I had to recognize that as a Christian I had learned a lot and lost a lot because I trusted in or believed what some people told me or that that were Christians. I was dumb. Sheep are led, not followed and the Lord carries us close to His heart. He will come after us and get us if we have gone astray, even leaving the ninety nine.

I can remember the fireball preachers saying that He would break your leg with a staff if necessary. That was never my idea of a Good Shepherd. And for a long time, ¬†I believed that sort of thing. Even after having a revelation of the love of Jesus, I struggled with the idea of something that I was doing was wrong and I was suffering for it. I didn’t really think God was out to get me or punish me, I did have a lot of fear, as sheep will do. I wasn’t realizing His will was to guide me, I was to follow, not run off ahead and try to make things happen and move my mountains all by little sheep self. I thought I didn’t have enough faith. Baaad idea. ūüôā

I am so glad to know I don’t have to make sacrifices. Sheep are so totally cute. In Bible time the Shepherd had to lead to get them through to water. It was a plain, desert and barren. He would have had to scope out the best route. He was always gathering them together and keeping them safe. He led them to water, a type or the Holy Spirit or living water. He made then to lie down in green pastures. I never knew how cute a baby doll sheep was or that lambs would stand on their mothers back.

Sometimes, rather than putting something bad on us, which He doesn’t do anyway, God will allow things are that happening in our life to cause us to have to rest and to trust Him. I had to come to that place of rest. I was letting my struggles literally take a toll on my life, and almost take my life. I was still bound by so much even though the Son made me free. Let’s take a look at what a good Shepherd really is and I ask you to read Psalm 23 every day for a month.


I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep. John 10:11

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27

All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned‚ÄĒevery one‚ÄĒto his own way; and the LORD has laid on Him the iniquity of us all. Isaiah 53:6

He was oppressed and He was afflicted, Yet He did not open His mouth; Like a lamb that is led to slaughter, And like a sheep that is silent before its shearers, So He did not open His mouth. Isaiah 53:7  ( I have trouble with this one. )

Look, I am sending you out like sheep among wolves; therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. Matthew 10:16

Jesus also asked Peter if he loved Him to feed His sheep. So we are really sheep after all doing dumb things, trying to lead instead of follow. We find ourselves  among wolves and snakes, and we are lost entirely or gone astray without Him. Jesus kept His mouth shut, before His accusers, often we do not.

But it is so very nice to know that we have a Good Shepherd and His name is Jesus. Rebecca Jones / photo…pexels Alexia Costin, Thank you.


Speak The Impossible!


With us, things are impossible. With God, all things are possible! God calls things to be not as though they were, He speaks life. Jesus used the word sleep instead of death He wants us in the life cycle. Jesus came for us to have abundant life and we need to speak it, even it appears impossible.

Were are always talking about something. Are we talking enough about His love, His joy and peace? Are we praising Him enough for His goodness and mercy or do we waste time ¬†worrying, wondering or just seeing things in the natural and not the supernatural? Don’t we believe in miracles?

It is not a lie to agree with God. Our souls long for His presence, especially believers and those who don’t know Him should be in amazement of what we walk in. I was encouraged by ministers but could not hold on to that firm, strong, and somewhat picky profession. I spoke my healing only to face more attacks. I tried to have great faith but I had faith and knew Jesus was the healer.

I was speaking the possible, ” I know he heals. ” Then I began to speak the impossible, that “by His wounds I am healed. ” I started to heal. Healing is from the inside out, you must change your mind and line up your faith with His words.

I had a Mark 11:23 sign forever, and I did have what I believed, I never saw what I wanted to be in total though. The enemy works to steal, kill and destroy. And he will if we let him, we must not give in to him at any level, other people’s faith or lack of affects it us as well.

We must speak the impossible and watch God take over. It is His will to bless and do things for His children, He works in mysterious ways and from the place of rest. Jesus is our High Priest. It is not really about us at all. It is about what He did and we must remember that as we call forth the things we  desire and that are according  to His word.

He wants us well and whole, living examples of His joy. We already are proficient in speaking death, let’s speak life and peace. Let’s speak the impossible! Rebecca Jones

Soak In His Spirit


Dive right in. You could really almost drown in Jesus, only you wouldn’t, the Lord wouldn’t let you. He delights in mercy, He revels that you want to be in presence. He wants to you to let Him love you, so soak in His presence.

Wash your soul in the water of His Word, cleanse your spirit by allowing His Spirit to cleanse you and make you whole even on a a daily basis. The gift of tongues is the best way to have the Lord, the Holy Spirit, bear witness with your Spirit again.  He will pray the perfect prayer for you.

Oceans of fear and worry cannot drown the love of Jesus in a true believer. His joy is ever flowing, His love effervescent, it sprays over my day and my spirit off and on all during the day. He bubbles up in me like a non alcoholic champagne, and is as refreshing as a bottle of spring water. He is my sea of calm in a panic.

I could soak in a bubbly tub and not feel as clean as the Lord makes me feel. ¬†I declare myself clean as Jesus declared the lepers. He knows the intent of heart whether it is pure and holy or if we are insincere. A believer’s heart will be sprinkled from an evil conscience, if it does not condemn us the we have peace, and that like the credit card commercial or only more so, is priceless.

Step into the water of the Spirit and let Him flow over you, wave of wave and the holy light of His love, is so refreshing and peaceful. I am at rest, I am at peace, I could be hit with a tsunami of love and pop right back to the flow of the water turn my face to the golden light of His glory and laugh at trouble and pain and fear for He is my light and love. Rebecca Jones

Words That Heal


After writing about how words can kill a person’s spirit, I was reminded today of how I needed to write a post in the opposite direction. Words are powerful, and when fitly spoken into a person’s life they are planted, they will root and produce a garden of grace. Or what the Bible calls being the branches and bearing much fruit.

If an apple a day could keep the doctor away, we would all eat it and be healthy. Of course, food and health are more than that. And words are more than that, love is more than that Jesus said that His words are both Spirit and life. So speaking His words over a person’s life or body, their very soul, is a blessing. It is what we should choose to speak, or say nothing at all.

I know, we all say things sometimes, I’m guilty also. But we don’t want the devil to get in and make off with those blessings, do we? ¬†So let’s do something about it. Many people keep journals, Bible journaling is popular, so let focus on the verses that apply to us an keep notes of the healthy and unhealthy words and thoughts. Phillipians 4:8, is a good place to start. It tells of what we should think about. Thoughts become words and then deeds.

Let’s be sincere in our words, God hates flattery, we are never supposed to use them to control or garner favor with either. God gives us plenty of grace and favor. In fact, a believer will have all spiritual knowledge, and can renew the mind of Christ. Most of us just don’t always access it or use it wisely.

School has started back, giving mothers more time to shop and do lunch, go to a Bible class or even just read and rest.It’s so easy to read the Word from a phone and to text a verse and word of encouragement, it’s even nicer to get a card or letter, that never goes out of style and better yet a cup of coffee and a devotional.

Even just a hello, how are you? Have a nice day. Many things we are saying are habit, like here in the south, it’s yes ma’am and no ma’am. Please and thank you are never overlooked, especially by those serving the public.

And I recently purchased some of those Scripture cards to leave around, I used to make Smilies that said, Put On A Happy Faith. You;ll find lots of ideas on Pinterest and some of us are more creative and craftier than others but ¬†that’s fine, we like to share, love to learn and are always glad someone appreciated our efforts or purchases a product.

Have a blessed day. I appreciate you stopping by or following my blog. Remember, how much Jesus loves you. Be the sunshine of someone’s day. Plant a “seed” word today, bloom where you are planted, sow sparingly ¬†and reap sparingly, sow generously and expect a garden worthy of our God. Rebecca Jones

The Healing Touch



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Isaiah 53 tells of the what the Lord did for our salvation. He was beaten, bruised, His flesh torn from His back, Every stripe, which is more like a gash or slash bloodied His body, He was mocked and scorned, onlookers cheered and jeered, as He carried the cross, a crown of thorns over His head, drops of blood, stinging His eyes, His beard plucked, He was spat upon. I knew all this, and yet I thought I was doing something wrong, the reason I wasn’t healed.

That wasn’t so. i was too focused on what I had to do instead of what He had already done. It wasn’t medicine, vitamins or what¬† I did or didn’t eat, things that were driving me crazy about what to do or not to do eat or not eat, how much water to drink. It was His sacrifice and love.

The crucifixion was horrendous, yet some people today are of the same mindset today. It is a dangerous thing to profane the holy and sacred, to mock the Lord Jesus and His sacrifice, I see people do it. I see children do it. I see Christians who no longer see things as right or wrong do it. Maybe, not intentionally, but they are denying the wonder working power of His sacrifice, His healing, His ability to turn lives around.

There are those who may never believe, and there are those who are just unskilled in the Word. There are those who remain ignorant of the devil’s devices, who hold onto sinful ways and disgrace the grace they walk in. It is not wise to make His blood and sacrifice a common thing, to insult the very Spirit of grace.

I am not being hard on you. I have to hold fast to my faith, I have walked in enough pain, sorrow, and lack. I have to hold Jesus close to my heart. Fear will not grab hold of it. I have to keep Jesus in my mind, I have to renew the mind of Christ. It is not he devil’s playground, my thoughts are not in a whirl. I keep Jesus in my eyes, the window of my soul is lit with love, I let His light shine in and hopefully out, because, I cannot keep looking and filth, hatred, lust, destruction,and death. I watch television and I love movies and music and I read but I am very selective about it. Sometimes, I just have to shut out the world, in order to rest in His quiet.

I have to keep my love set on Him for Him to deliver me, and keep me from the snare of the fowler. I will not live in a tangle of¬† thorns or brambles. I will not be a butterfly entangled by a spider’s web of lies. I am harmless as a dove and had to learn to as wise as well, the serpents and scorpions I am supposed to tread over.

I am worth many sparrows, it took Jesus to ransom me. I am crucified and risen with Him, I sit in a heavenly place and have authority over my life, my health, my body. I speak His words of life and command it to line with His sacrifice, which declares me clean and whole. I am His righteousness, fear, terror, and torment has to flee. Isaiah 54.

None of this is because of me. It was all on Him. Nothing I have is mine, it is all a gift from Him, nothing I deserved, or I would not ever have known Him, all by His great sacrifice of love and His amazing grace.

And all I have to do to receive the healing touch is to believe, only believe. Healing was never as hard to receive as so many have made it to be. Even in speaking His spirit filled life and words. Speak His peace over your body and the body of Christ as a whole, and receive your healing, just receive His love, His healing touch.

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A Lover Of Beauty


There’s a word for that. Philocaly, so I guess I am a philocalist. I love beautiful things. I suppose I could burst into song and dance down a mountainside and name of few of them but you couldn’t hear me. Maybe, one day I’ll add a video but not today. I love words, learning new ones, puns, poetry and definitions, most of which never get into daily conversation.

God is a philocalist, heaven is beautiful. How would I know? Well, look at earth, it’s His handiwork, now multiply that. If you think the grass is green here, think of heavenly green. Maybe, I could name crayolas. I’m working on my joy too, can you tell?

I love the golden sunsets, I can watch them from the driveway. I love the breeze that blows across the smoldering summer day like a cool kiss on the cheek from God. I even love the black, the dark, the twinkling stars and the sometimes golden moon sitting in the back yard, it really looks that close.

I love the explosions of colors in a garden, the red ribbons of roses that climb. The deep purple of violets, the scent of honeysuckle. The crimsons, scarlets and periwinkles, the golden, the silvers, all have a space in His box of colors. The blues of the heavens, the pinks, the the gray, the puff of white on a cloud.

I love the humming birds and the butterflies. And I love birds. Lovebirds, and just birds from mourning doves to cardinals.  I love the seasons. I love the spring and fall, for the cooler weather, but the summer allows me to hibernate in my air conditioning and write, while winter such as it is in the south, prepare our hearts for the holidays.

I love to see babies smiling and happy. And the smell of puppy breath. I love collecting and designing angels. I love to arrange things, to decorate and to create. Why not? Why wouldn’t I? I was created by a masterful hand, with precision imprinted into my soul. He put His creativity into the one He created and said that I could walk in beauty like the night. So I walk out at night, breathe the midnight air, it’s crisp after a stormy day, crisp and warm, but scented with the beauty of Spirit outpouring on the earth. For a moment, I walk in the beauty of stars, I will pray and go to sleep.

It is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but many of us still fall short in seeing beauty the true beauty of God’s love, and how He lavished it own us as a believers, the beauty of the sacrifice of Jesus; and the ever present grace that ¬†is dispensed as we accept it by faith, and the everlasting love.

Our eyes were meant to behold beauty, yet they see so much pain and sorrow, ever so much ugly, the windows of our soul must be cleaned with a pure and righteous cloth and not a filthy rag of self righteousness but His grace and mercy. We must look with sparkle and shine and see the beauty of the Master’s hand. Philocalist – a lover of beauty. Rebecca Jones


If Words Could Kill


I recently went through a ¬†time in my life when I was just being bombarded by spiritual attacks. Attacks on my family and even through my family. Often, people are unwitting pawns in the devil’s schemes. Because many people don’t know the power of words, they speak them carelessly, halfheartedly and even out of obligation. And sometimes they are carefully aimed ant an old wound or the heart.

You’ve heard the saying, ” If looks could kill. ” We’ve all had people give us the look and we would all be goners. The devil’s is worse than that though if he can get you an enemy they will gladly size you up and even to your face. This is when I know I need to have my Jesus cool on, it is wise to keep silent when insulted, unless of course, there comes a point you can actually talk and work it out. Sometimes, it just won’t happen. People should never give him their mouth to borrow.

I know very little about guns, but a derringer is a small caliber weapon, it can be kept up the sleeve, Like a magician, someone can have it up their sleeve to wound you with, they know it, just the right phrase, the sore spot. Mine was usually weight, but there were other things. Lots of other things.

There are pistols and .38’s and .44’s, each one deadly, one more powerful, Then there are rifles, shotguns and machine guns. Lots of fire power. Rifles and shotguns can also be automatic or double barreled. Words are often locked and loaded and deadly. Over a period of time, like little spoken bullets they find their target and take aim. Word after word and shot after shot. words are deadly. They can kill a hope, a dream. Even natural love, for God’s love is deeper.

Machine guns are just overkill. Round after round and spar after spar, marriage becomes a bitter boxing match and finally, someone is gunned down, like a gangster in a film noir, it’s the end of a marriage, if not life.

Words will drive people to alcohol, drugs and even suicide. Words can weigh on a person’s already heavy heart, breaking it beyond repair. A bleeding heart can become a broken heart, a bleeding heart with concern for others can also become a tortured and wounded heart for displaying emotion. These tender hearts, out of goodness, are even deceived into helping someone they cannot. Someone, who will inevitably hurt them, with words, and even actions.

It can be a relative, a child. how often parents have struggled and sown into their children and still watch them go astray. That’s why God’s love and His Word have to be sown at an early age so they will not depart. It’s not about giving them everything but about giving the only one who can save them.

There are bows and arrows and not the cupid kind, the quick and deadly kind. I can hear them whiz past my head like Robin Hood in Sherwood. Only the devil is not robbing the rich to give to the poor, that would be too noble, he is robbing the believer or his arsenal, the words fitly spoken, the power of and life on the tongue, the abundance of the heart, the mouth is speaking it. Is it life or death? Death appears to be our first language, and we are fluent.

Our first thoughts when we are ill are not of the healer but more the why me. Am I being punished? And mine was, I must be doing something wrong. I was guilty…..of love. Of loving Jesus and believing in His healing power. So I was punished. I should have said nothing and went on praying, because when healing wasn’t immediate, that was that, but all I was doing wrong is not letting Him be God and just love me. I knew what He’d done but not nearly to what degree.

There was no need to speak fear over me. Nor tell me to lose weight and not get in the prayer line. Sometimes people are speaking their own opinions, I don’t like tattoos, but I know He looks at hearts. Jesus did not disqualify you like that, you needed only to believe, and He would have liked you to thank Him. There was no need to talk about me and, criticize, condemn. You should have lifted me up, you should have called me or took me to lunch, read Scripture to me or prayed for me to know God’s love even more. I didn’t need friends or family like Job, ¬†I have let my hedge down but I will not ever again. I am saved healed and protected and though the devil may have a scope, it is useless against me, even I can shoot one of those and I don’t like guns, personally, the movies or television I watch is very tame. Jesus hates death, He wants a happy ending, sometimes there is mercy but we are created in His likeness, we need to be more like Him.

So whatever and however the devil takes aim, at you or I, he misses every time. When I was little we used to sing, 1-2-3, the devil’s after me, 4-5-6, he’s always pulling tricks,7-8-9, he misses every time. Hallelujah, hallelujah, amen.

Well, 1-2-3, the devil has to flee, 4-5-6, I know his bag of tricks, 7-8-9, he’s running out of time…the lake of fire looms large, hallelujah, hallelujah, amen. So whatever he throws at you from dart to dagger, to deadly words fired from a wicked tongue, know you are cover by the blood of Jesus and have divine protection and angelic assistance, Jesus is our 911.

And he loses, he always loses, we are not victims but victors, over omers and more than conquerors, through Him that loved us, we may not be a match for the enemy attacks but look who’s standing behind us. We will never defeat him on our own but with the Spirit of power, love and a sound mind as Timothy says. The devil missed again. Rebecca Jones


Somebody’s Knocking


This is a classic painting by Warner Salman. There are several good ones of Jesus knocking. It is a painting used to demonstrate Revelation 3:20 which describes the Lord knocking at the door of a person’s heart. And even His return. What reminded me of this was while I had come under a physical attack of the enemy, a song came to mind, an old county ballad. ” Somebody Knocking “.

The line goes something like, ” Lord, it’s the devil, should I let him in? ” ¬†The answer is obvious, ” No. ” Though it’s talking about a cowboy in blue jeans, who probably acts like him, the answer is still no. Let me tell you why. Men who are after more than you want without getting married, close the door. ¬†Don’t give yourself to bad relationships, close contact brings more than you know. In the spiritual, you can take on more than you bargained for and not know how you got messed up.

The love of Jesus will guide you to the right person. But aside from the physical, you have the mental. I know myself, when I felt ill the other day, and had a physical attack of the enemy. I started to have fearful thoughts, that is the devil, don’t let him in. There started to be some blood involved, more fear, more resisting. Thankfully, fear did not have my heart racing. I just kept my Jesus cool on, it’s not me, it’s Him. I had to let Him help me think straight.

It’s not all about me, it’s all about Him. He is the main person in my life. And Jesus is a person. The Holy Spirit is a person. He repeats what God says to Him. It is why we have to learn to be still and quiet. It is why we need a secret place. It is why we need to labor for the rest of His faith in Hebrews 4.

It is why we should learn from the Gospels how Jesus really acted. He was firm and gentle, He was not pushed around nor a pushover. He was all man and endured all temptations without sin.  He was all God. And He felt every pain for us on the cross and He was God enough to survive it and strong enough to dismiss His Spirit, like a king dismisses His subjects. He finally had a place to lay down His head, on the cross.

Make no mistake, He came to die for us and He loves us that much. That’s why when He’s knocking, let Him in, fall in love with Jesus and let Him remain in your heart. Keep Him close to you. And if the devil comes knocking, the obvious answer not to let him in, not fear, torment, terror, lies, deceit, jealousy, envy, violence, anger. There’s a whole lot more, read the Bible. Learn the enemy’s tactics, his wiles, don’t let him roam around and devour you.

The Lord’s knocking, will you let Him in. Rebecca Jones

Not In My Own Strength


I could have used one of those warrior women pictures but decided to go with a delicate beauty instead. ¬†I am fair, though I was not a weakling, I had the back problems, so I wasn’t a great runner or even walker, but I once was good at jazzercise and stationary biking. I never had a real bicycle. Supposedly, the family story goes I rode my tricycle complete with roaring tigger-roo horn down a hill and that was that. Isn’t it funny the things you never seem to live down?

But it’s not so funny the things you never get over. The devil is a liar and the thief of life, he manages to work his way into the best of plans. That’s why it is better to let go and let God ¬†take of these fragile, feminine meanderings and yearnings of a woman’s heart.

I have always ministered to others needs and neglected my own. I had to change that. I didn’t put me first, I put Him first. It’s His place anyway. It is His breath I breath, His words I type and even His song I sing. I am nothing with the Lord loving me, a nobody, a nothing.

The world will trample right on by you, especially, if you are being still to hear God. It will mock, reject, even curse you and rebuke you. But instead of quashing or crushing my faith, it strengthens my resolve. I am a child of faith and I went down my hill and back up, over and through days of valleys and peaks. The days were rocky and full of crevasses but I went through, like a trooper with Jesus, it was never my strength but His, I should have known that while I was being told to exercise my faith, it was Him all along.

He didn’t create me weak but allowed weaknesses in me so I would lean on and rely on Him fully. He knows the times I tried to go off on my own, I was left out, run over and down. I could never get ahead and yet I surpassed anything i could have imagined. I am truly blessed to be a blessing and I pray to be one.

And I will be one, because I have discovered that it’s not me anyway, it’s Him. I am weak but He is strong, yes, Jesus loves me. The Bible tells me so. A fragile, feminine, soul with delicate dreams, I am a kneeling warrior princess, my sword is His Word. I am blessed, not in my strength but in His, not my might but His, not my spirit, but His.

I will never win a single battle, indeed I will lose the war to the adversary, if I fail to remember, I am not fighting alone, but in His strength, not mine. I am not the victim but I have victory in Jesus. Rebecca Jones