Feeling A Bit Sifted?


Yeah, me too. There have been a lot of attacks over the hot summer. I have prayed for all sorts of things. Health problems, jobs, life and death, marital problems and mental attacks, just to name a few. So, if you feel sifted you are not alone.

The closer you are to Jesus, the more you love and know Him, the more you walk in His ways and heed His voice, the devil wants to see that destroyed. It’s like you pray to be healed and get sicker. Ask for a better job, then get fired. And he wants you to thing God is behind these things,teaching you a lesson. While He does use circumstances to enlighten us, we have a real enemy. Not the flesh and blood ones that we encounter, who really aren’t the enemy just his pawn.

Let’s looks at Peter in Luke 22. And the Lord said, “Simon, Simon, indeed, satan has asked for you, that he may sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail . . .” Luke 22:31-32

Jesus is about to be crucified. He warns the disciples also that the devil is coming, He refers to him as the prince of this world, says he has been judged. The devil will never be forgiven. And will spend eternity in a lake of fire. He tells the disciples, he, the devil has found nothing in Him. The devil could never get in Jesus’ thoughts or words or flesh, He was the one perfect sacrifice. Although, He faced every imaginable thing we could. The devil could not get in. He always answered him, with the Word of The Living God and not in a railing way,He had nothing way. He had nothing to prove.

God is a Spirit, and He must be worshiped in Spirit and in truth. Jesus could see the spirits, He warned them. They had been taught and warned, especially, Peter. But look at the Lord’s loving kindness to a disciple He rebuked, telling satan, not Peter to get behind Him. He says that Simon, who is Peter, has been asked for, just like Job, the devil sees the righteous or the potential for it and goes after them.

He further goes on to tell Peter that the devil’s intent is to sift him as wheat, I wonder what they were doing, eating bread, or in a field. Peter was a fisherman, this statement may not have sunk in, pardon the pun. Boaz might have understood. The Lord also says He prays for his faith not to fail him. And we know it did, he fell asleep in Gethsemane, cut off Malcus ear, and denied Him three times at the crucifixion as Jesus said he would, while Peter firmly denied it, saying he would die for him, he denied Jesus instead.

Peter had a measure of faith,  had been in Jesus company, been given authority. But Peter was headstrong, wanted Jesus to be the King, failed to understand the kingdom of heaven was in us. And he let fear, which is the devil, rule over him. Not caution or common sense but unnatural fear. Intense fear, fear of death. Jesus allowed Himself to taste death for His children or He could  not have died. But Peter was afraid to die, just like most people.

Peter also was breathed on and received the gift of tongue at Pentecost. Which gives him power, lands him in jail, casts out devils, causes may to be saved. And even his shadow healed. Jesus restored the swearing Peter,who declared himself a sinful man. He never quite got to Jesus level, while his faith initially failed, he wasn’t listening to Jesus, it ultimately did not because  Jesus prayed for him, he learned to listen.

I don’t know if the belief that Peter fled to avoid being crucified is true or not, I suppose it’s possible that he met Jesus on the road to Emmaeus. And when he asked where he was going, the Lord replies, to be crucified. Peter turns around goes and is crucified upside down, because he is not worth to die like Jesus. When a vision or dream or tale. It is still an interesting parallel to Peter’s journey.

He was an every man,  a fisherman, husband, probably had children, his mother in law lived with him. It is said his wife went with him in ministry, was sent to coliseum to her death by Nero, preceding Peter.

Whatever, we like to say about him. He was a man of God, sorely tempted and tried. the devil tried to sift him and did for a while, and on more than one occasion. And he is not the only one. Please know that Jesus is praying for you and me today as well, and we must listen when he warns of attacks, mental ones are very likely in the body of Christ but I speak His peace to you to day in Jesus name. We do not want to move into fear and play the devil’s  mind games. Jesus is Lord and on the throne, and post crucifixion, the devil has not claim to stand before God and accuse as in Job’s day, and likely even Peter’s. the precious blood of the Lamb keeps him out now.

So where is he, trying to get us to believe a lot of nonsense. Accusing night and day. You don’t have to listen, argue with him or even rebuke him all the time. Use the word on him. Just plead the blood and focus on Jesus, heed His warning about the sifter and you won’t be, because He loves you and He is praying for your  faith not fail you and I and so am I. Rebecca Jones


7 thoughts on “Feeling A Bit Sifted?”

  1. Great message. I forget to relate this word “sift” to the enemy. But, yes, he does work overtime in his battle plan against us. And I’m on to him. Praying with a battle plan of my own against satan’s schemes. 🙂


  2. What an encouraging thought to remember that Jesus is praying for us, even as satan desires to sift us. I know that sifting surely does feel hard! But when we fix our eyes on Jesus through it all, HE will give us His strength to bear up under it. Blessings to you!


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