Minister To The Lord



In some quiet personal time I just sat on the sofa today. I sing a lot. But I was just resting and I heard these words in my spirit, minister to the Lord. Not for, even though I do that too, although I am not actually affiliated with any church or ministry at the moment. It just spoke to me. Angels came to minister Jesus.

I actually looked up the word minister and we all know that right? But it is more. Here’s a few, and why we need to minister to Jesus.

To perform the functions of a religious minister. / This is the one we know, sermons, baptisms, marriages, etc…

A person acting as an agent or instrument of another. / Jesus sent out disciples, post crucifixion, we are to be sons and daughters. We represent Him daily in all areas of our lives. we are His agents or instruments, acting in His name.

To give service, care, or aid; attend, as to wants or necessities.:
to minister to the needs of the hungry. / This is  pretty obvious one, that we should be helping others with basic needs, and teaching or instructing them on God’s Word.
And yet we need to minister to the Lord. So often, we overlook our own selves in meeting the needs of our families and others. I know I have. My poor candle was burning from both ends. And I was about to be extinguished in the center, but instead of satan snuffing out this little light of mine, Jesus breathed on it, rekindling it.
I really had to learn about rest and relying on Jesus. So why would He be any different really? He doesn’t have to sleep, I suppose He could if He wanted to. He did when He was on earth. But He is at rest just like God after creating the world, He finished His work on earth. But have we? No, I don’t think so.
Jesus is at rest, seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for us. And He wants us to minister to Him. He need to hear how much we love Him and appreciate Him. He wants to bless us and help us, He longs to love us and we just need to spent that quiet time with Him and love Him. We need to sing to Him, to praise Him worship Him.
He is altogether lovely and we need to appreciate that everyday and look forward to the day we are just as lovely. Rebecca Jones
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