Burying Their Heads


I know this is a strange title to a post. It has a strange inspiration. There are so many programs I don’t like to watch, but I was looking for something late on a Sunday night and came across a program about a couple who’d been stranded in the mountains, I remembered seeing them before and this time there was one of those survival guys, saying what they should have done.

Some of it sounded like common sense. Stuff I even knew. But then he killed a snake and I won’t even go there, I muted it and looked away, but before I did, I heard him say when you cut off the head, he was stepping on the dead snake with a hiking boot. He said to bury the head, because, even dead, it can still kill you.

So are you as repulsed as I am? I don’t go in for the gory. But having been a Christian a long time and realizing the enemy’s tactics, I had a story. Though we tread on spiritual serpents and scorpions, they are just as deadly, even more so. Why? Because even hospitals have anti venom and can save lives. I even prayed for a boy  bitten over the summer, he survived after a hospital stay. And I  read a story of a boy bitten in Florida over his boot, carried home by an angel, he saw it as he lay dying. When his mother found him on the porch, she rushed him to the hospital. His leg was black and had to be scraped to the bone, but he survived.

The spiritual serpents are a lot of the times, if not most, lies. Lies told about us, by us, or something the enemy sows into our hearts or heads to deceive, discourage or  disappoint us. And he desperately tries to keep us from the love and forgiveness of Jesus. The spiritual bites are even more deadly because that poison can stay in our “spiritual bloodstream”in a sense, but more like in the flesh. These forces cannot get through the blood of Jesus, that is why we need to pray that over ourselves and our families, our homes. And let me stop right here and be in agreement with you one that.

Unfortunately, there are ways they can affect the flesh, our spiritual house. That is why we should be careful about we watch and hear, do, and say, not to the point of paranoia, but fear will allow these snakebites in. And even if you are a believer, there are wounds that don’t want to heal, that stay festered or aching. Wounds that are painful or burning. And we are taught to forgive, and maybe you have, even out loud. I have written things down, had others to do it and then tear it up. No one has to know. Some people won’t remember anyway, or even understand how they hurt you or may not care. If you apologize and can work it out fine, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

But you know what, we may have forgiven, tried to forget, but it pops back up again, doesn’t it? Like the head of the snake, it’s dead, but it can still bite you, it can still hurt, it can still inject it’s poison, and it can still kill you. I hope you are following me on this. I really thought it through in my own life. I still have nightmares about a teacher, and the harshest words can tighten in my chest. Snakes are constrictors, aren’t they? So let’s forgive, and in the spiritual sense, let’s ask God to kill it, cut off it’s head and bury it, once and for all.

Let me be clear. Though people may be enemies. God says to love them, even if you have to avoid some of them. We are not asking him to hurt anyone or allow them to be hurt or injured or killed or to even go to hell. We are not practicing retaliation against anyone, God is just. We are not casting spells or getting into witchcraft. We should pray for them to come to know God’s love and forgiveness, if they are already a believer, for a deepening of God’s love in them so they can regard others with more kindness and consideration. There’s nothing worse than a mean Christian, firm, truthful, yes, mean as the devil. No, Jesus never was, even in cleaning out the temple or casting out the devil, though He was often accused.

We are children of the Most High, washed in the blood of Jesus. And we don’t want to be like ostriches with our heads in the sand but like Lord wants us to be free indeed. Free to walk in His righteousness, free of constant worry and fear, even pain and sickness. Let’s remember to watch our mouths, guard our hearts and to let Jesus do it also. He does a better job, anyway. And it’s not about us either, we were lost without Him. It’s all for His glory and it’s all about Jesus. Rebecca Jones


The God of peace will soon crush satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you. Romans 16:20



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