The Devil Quotes Scripture


I had an experience this morning that I know a lot of you have had. You have to decide who to follow.We have talk about listening for the Lord’s voice, about like sheep we know it a follow Him.

It is in 1 Corinthians 12 to follow after love an desire spiritual gifts. One of those gifts is discernment and sometimes, I think it may the most difficult one to master. Especially, as woman. The voice of the Holy Spirit, because He is a spirit, often comes through as sounding like our own. It can be powerful though. And a lot of times, it sounds likes a phrase you’d never think of. My previous post Love Trickles Down, was inspired, I never use the word trickle.  Spiritual gifts come raw and new directly from God, they take getting used to and the Holy Spirit teaches us how. Learn to discern. And then use discretion and wisdom.

I have had Him whisper ” Go limp before the Lord. ” in prayer time. He wants us to depend on Him. And I have had Him remind me of names, use the shepherdess picture on another blog, and even a more powerful keeping me in place,when I was trying to help someone, He said no. He knew it was a ruse, a deception. When you can discern that well, you are doing great, you are on track with the Lord. And others may perceive you as not being a good Christian, Don’t give it another thought. Remember, you follow Jesus not what people say or say you should do.

The devil is quick to judge just like people. And he knows the Bible, after all he is in it,he followed Jesus trying to wreak havoc, but Jesus used the Word on him. Notice when he says something, it’s skewed, like to Eve, or in reference to Jesus, he leaves off the word beloved, ” If you are the Son of God. ” And that tone, it has a ring to it.

I ran my great nephew out of my room this morning, he didn’t knock and woke me up from a deep sleep. When he left, I had this verse come to mind, ” He that comes to me, I will in no wise cast him out. ”  I started to feel guilty, it was 9 a.m. then I thought, that means salvation. I have taught him to knock, and besides he has a brand new tent to play inside in his room. Later on, I found out he wasn’t truthful about being sent inside.

Because that thought brought me to guilt and shame. I have to the think the devil was quoting Scripture again. This is a deep study for Spirit filled Christians, even mature ones, the master trickster can even trick those who serve the real Master. Subtle, cunning and wily, he slithers through the day, like a lion, seeking to devour. But Jesus, the Lion of Judah is there and He take the crook of His staff and tosses every snaky lie aside, clearing my path.

I have had Christians misquote the Bible to me, take it out of context, attempt to explain prophecy. Sometimes, I can correct it. I never admit to agreeing with it if they are wrong. I try to keep peace, I don’t want to argue His Word. Though unfortunately, I have had rather heated discussions. I’m above that like my mother says. the Word defends itself, and me.

You can’t always go around second guessing yourself. I used to way overthink it. If you know what it really says stick with it. Trust the Holy Spirit’s leading. And no the Bible doesn’t say cleanliness is next to godliness. That’s an old wives tale, but it does mention old wives tales.

But refuse profane and old wives’ tales. Exercise yourself toward godliness. New Heart translation 1 Timothy 4:7

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