Love Trickles Down


In my prayer time the words came to me that what was mine would trickle down. Trickle? Not really a word I use. When I first thought about it, it was like in those old westerns, how you see them work on that pump again and again and only a little water comes out. And then like the water that was cold running down a mountainside in North Carolina, when I was a little girl and bottled water was unheard of. It was cold and crisp, fresh.

Fresh is the way, I want my trickle. Though I have to admit I was thinking that trickle means drop, it also means a gentle stream, that is love isn’t it? Relaxing, refreshing, cool on a summer’s day.  I also thought about the song, ” mercy drops round us are falling, but for the showers of ( blessings ) we plead. ”

I also remember the verse that He comes to us like the rain, and the Holy Spirit is the former and latter rain. But the is trickle is different, it is powerful. Water is powerful in huge waves but the word trickle is in Job 28:11, He causes the trickle to carve through rock. Wow, not a flood of epic proportion but over a period of time wearing down walls or layers of silt, sand and sediment, working it’s way trough rock.

The Holy Spirit trickles from Jesus, the rock that is higher than I am. Ezekiel 47:1 uses the word trickle and so does Psalm 133:2, in reference to oil another type of the Holy Spirit, the anointing oil trickles down the bread of Aaron. The anointing of the Holy Spirit trickles down also.

As I said this is a peaceful trickle, His peace, it comes to carve fear from a petrified rock that the devil rolled across our hearts like at a tomb. It is gentle, quiet and calm. It is love personified in His presence, there is peace, and there is joy.

It is a trickle you don’t want to leave, drops. Yes, all throughout the day. But the shower of blessing, remain in His rest and love. Be still and quiet and heal. The trickle of a gently flowing stream from the Saviors hand, it’s there, giving rest to a babbling brook.

I will be silent. I will be still. I want to heal completely and wholly and He is holy or I could never be, as I told a friend and fellow blogger, it is not just the Sabbath we should keep holy, it is every day as we enter the rest of Hebrews 4. We don’t want to miss it.

The gentle wind is a breeze, the gentle stream is a trickle. Powerful and gentle like the Lord. He is mighty to save. He has nothing to prove, He finished it on the cross. Worship can be both joyful and lively, not frantic and frenzied.

It is a time of peace, His peace, pax, the kiss of peace is coming because the Prince of Peace is coming and He will gently wipe away each tear that trickles down each cheek. He is altogether lovely, and He longs to hold us in His embrace, and let the love He had for us trickle down, flow down, pour down and break down everything that breaks us down.

I like words, I’m a wordy. Trickle is a cute one, a fun word, and now it’s my word. He gave it to me, love just trickles down. Rebecca Jones

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