Blaaaack Sheep


I had a great uncle who referred to himself as the black sheep of the family. I don’t know why. He passed away when I was eleven, I barely knew him. But his wife and daughter, I saw on occasion, then my great aunt died, so I was the one who used to call the daughter,  a second cousin, the only one left from that side of the family and even years later she would talk about him being the black sheep of the family. But why? I’ll never know.

He worked, he had a house and car, watched television, went to church. He had a heart condition. I doubt if he was up to any wrong doing. Maybe, that was it. Not just that he had a heart condition and was limited by it, but it was that his heart had made to feel that way by someone.

Obviously, he felt left out. He did have a brother who was more of church goer, more of  an out about type, knew everyone and everyone knew him. But he smoked and had emphezema, if I think about it I can still hear him breathe, and I was a little girl. So he had a health problem, wouldn’t he have been a black sheep too?

He was talkative and laughed between shortness of breaths, his favorite thing to ask me was a Bible quiz but the answer was a joke. What was Lazarus dog’s name, the beggar? Moreover, the dog….look it up. He also told me he was bald from walking on his head so the devil couldn’t track him. I wasn’t two or I might have believed him.

When I found this pin, someone had said it reminded her of her brother. He said the same thing. There are a lot of black sheep out there. Whether you are really an outcast from your family or just feel that way, and feelings are often deceptive, you are not alone.

True, someone could have told you that, made you sad or hurt you. Maybe, you were a loner, a geek or rebellious. As you grew up , you started to see the trouble you may have been or the trouble that was best upon you or just life not being fair. But God is just.

He makes a way for you to follow Him home, His rod and staff comfort you, wards of enemies and guides you on the right path. I can tell you the truth, in some way or another we are all black sheep, but He will leave the fold and come for us, and carry us in His arms. God doesn’t have to count sheep but He counts stars and heads of hair and sand, so He probably does. And He knows your name.

And black, white, or whatever color, sheep come in all colors and some are even dyed, He loves you enough to Jesus to die in our place and be our Good Shepherd. He will look for you and find you if you are lost, He doesn’t want to you to wander off, fall off a cliff into a rock pile, or even roll down a green hill and not be able to get up. There are dangers everywhere and He doesn’t want you hurt or killed. He wants you to go to heaven and not the other direction, it would hurt Him to see you make such a bad choice. But He would have you let you choose.

The truth is that God loves the sheep of His pasture, we are a flock that should be faithful and thriving in that love, and whether or not we, as believers choose to follow love, or settle for believing we are a black sheep and left out, God still sees us as His children, and He loves His little lambs. Rebecca Jones

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