Behold the Lamb

Jesus sacrifice. So great a sacrifice and so great salvation. I did not want to use the sacrificial lamb picture here, even though He was just that. Like the very Passover lamb that was kept in the home, then offered at Passover. The Old Testament is full of sacrifices. Jesus was the only perfect one as foretold by John the Baptist. He and only He could remove the sins of the world, if only they believed.

This is a picture of Jesus the way He is now, still referred to as the Lamb of God, He holds the sheep in His hands and no one plucks them out. John 10:28,29 There literally is no way I could describe with words to you that great a love, and foe sinners, who were in darkness, and not even concerned about God.

He loved us long before we though of loving Him. He remembers our sins no more if we are believers. We are like children or lambs and we are very precious to God because His Son was and is and He died to save us. The very blood of Jesus is upon the heavenly Mercy Seat and over the earthly mercy seat of our hearts. Can you even begin to fathom that?

His sacrifice was deep, deep calls to deep, He said the rows on His back were plowed deep. He has the Holy Spirit to inspire words that we are to love one another deeply and from the heart. We are moved by this when we accept Jesus as Lord and begin to see Him face to face, the love deep in His eyes that penetrates the soul, John calls then a flame of fire.

Then what happens to is? He wants to prosper the flock, but we wander off again, go astray. No one is plucking us. Yet, we look for greener grass, or just eat up all we have and ruin our field. We give up, and roll over. When wolves come, enemy attacks or in sheep’s clothing, the Good Shepherd is still there ward off attacks.

How many times has death stood beside you and you not know it because He was there as well. You have close calls haven’t you, avoided accidents, suddenly came into some money, gotten a much needed raise. Maybe, you missed a trip during a flu epidemic or tests came back negative and you didn’t even know that someone was covering you in prayer, and the enemy missed a chance to steal, kill or destroy.

Sheep pens are usually a rock wall, circular, and the shepherd lies at the door. You see why Jesus is the door. For the enemy to get to you He has to move and He won’t so who is moving?  We are. He will leave the flock to find us. He will bend down to hear our cries. Lift us from rocky cliffs, lead us back to still waters and green pastures. he restores our souls.

We have been studying sheep this week and I hope you have read or will read all the posts and see my Pinterest board little lambs. I am glad I don’t have to offer sacrifices, except of praise. I can’t express enough the depth of the Good Shepherd’s love, let get a little wiser as sheep and just stay put, be still, and follow Him. He won;t let anything happen and He’s not going anywhere, so why would we wander?  Rebecca Jones

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