Anointing My Head With Oil

It was suggested that we read Psalm 23 everyday for a month. It’s a great idea. You can start anytime and check it off your calendar but if you read it, let is soak in. We must consider how shepherding was in Bible time as compare to now, A nomadic sort of life looking for grazing and water.

Truthfully, I guess I just liked the poetry of it,  I understood that Jesus was the shepherd, I was the sheep. I really didn’t get preparing a table for me. I am a dumb sheep, I didn’t really realize all the enemies. I didn’t know I was stubborn, I didn’t think so, I sort of butted my head against the wall figuring things out though.

Let’s look at the anointing oil and remember that it a type of the Holy Spirit. Jesus anoints us as believers, He gives us each gifts and talents, especially, for ministry. We have an anointing from the holy one.  It is the anointing that destroys the yoke of bondage. The priests are anointed, the oil ran on Aaron’s beard.  Samuel also went to anoint a new king and wanted to see all the sons, and remember God looks at the heart, Jesse’s sons were not the ones, until a younger shepherd shows up.

The shepherd puts oil on the sheep because they are disturbed by flies and insects. Beelzebub is lord of the flies, another name for the devil. He goes after our head too, our thoughts and even in a spiritual sense, noses, because noses discern scents, smells and odors, death. Many times there are certain demonic things we can discern spiritually, It’s kind of like have a dog’s keen sense of smell in a spiritual way. They can sense seizures, smell cancer, tell when blood sugar is low, many are trained that way.

With the anointing on our heads, the Holy Spirit teaches us also. I remembering long ago hearing a sermon from Rod Parsley about how flies bothered horses and how it related to the spiritual realm, I’ve never forgotten that. What do you always see in those commercials with the children starving? Flies! And they haven’t the strength to even swat at them. They are going after the eyes, noses and mouths.

Jesus said we would always have poor and as long as people have a free will there will be those who are oppressed but we have many ways to help even if you never go there. Intercessory prayer is a good way. But let’s talk about the sheep or us. If these pests get into the sheep’s nose and lay eggs, the sheep can but its head, and but itself to death, it will also run itself to death.

Sheep do what other sheep do. If one panics, they all will. They will freeze and not even cry for help. They are restless and won’t lie down if they are still hungry. They have to be led or will just eat and eat and have nothing left and ruin the land which is why you see cattlemen getting up tight in the old westerns, they knew what sheep would do to grazing land.

She will also fall over on their backs and not be able to get up. If the Good Shepherd isn’t around that sheep cant right itself and may die or even be devoured by the predatory creatures. Wow! I had to learn a lot about sheep. Maybe, you did too, I hope this helps you and remember sick people are also anointed with oil.

The Holy Spirit will remove the pests from our lives, as always, seek medical help, but keep your faith strong, let’s lose the stubborn sheep attitude and stop going our way and go His. He said follow me for a reason. Let me pray for you today.

Father, in Jesus name, we realize that we are like sheep going astray, a as a sinner, save me by your grace. As a believer, help me to follow you and not give in to my stubborn and sheepish mentality and human frailty, Anoint my head with oil, with  your Holy Spirit, let me know your voice and not follow strangers. Let the oil protect my head, eyes, nose and mouth and even ears. Let it guard my heart and my whole being and body, anoint my feet to follow you. I praise you Lord, for you are truly my Good Shepherd. Rebecca Jones


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