Know My Voice

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand. John 10:27-28

Do you know His voice? Sometimes, we may misinterpret the enemy as the Lord, if we are not skilled in dividing the Word. Oh, he may come condemning us or accusing us, and we might think it is God. We must know who we are in Christ, what His promises are and that they are true.

We must also learn how the devil operates. And he does use times, seasons, patterns. If there is something that happened on a certain day or place, he will often try to repeat it. In a veil attempt to copy God, he will often do things in threes. Many times you will hear of three people dying close together. Like the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, he is fear, terror and torment. But since we walk in the righteousness of God, given by Jesus at the moment of salvation, he has no power over you.

Did you know that people often have more than one disease? Did you know a lot of people pass away at 3 a.m.? Or that God visits the earth early in the morning. Days used to be divided into watches, and there was a watchman on the wall to guard the city. Failure to do so would cost them their life. So you see why we are to guard against the enemy’s wiles, his deception. And plain old lies.

Also, there is the attempts to confuse issues in denominations, misinterpret Scripture, or just twist it. Oh how he tries to talk us out of faith, get us to believe healing is not for now. The Lord gives us wisdom, but the devil will come after it just through life in general and you’ve forgotten it, now you’re know longer a threat.

We want to be the believers that he fears. Pray, study, sing His praise. Thank Him for things you’ve yet to see. You are driving the devil crazy. And be warned he may try to come back and counter attack, but you have spiritual authority over him as a believer. Jesus promised us nothing would harm us in Luke 17. But you do have to be spiritually equipped for this warfare.

Read about spiritual gifts, pray for guidance. The Holy Spirit is your teacher. So don’t listen to another voice that tells you that you won’t make it, would be better off dead, to just give up. You, as a believer, a child of the Most High God don’t have to. He is our fortress and shield and Psalm 91 is our covering.

Be familiar with the Word, so that the Holy Spirit will remind you, correct you. We are His sheep and we know the Master’s voice.  Many times the Lord will tell you where to go and what to do and is always leading and guiding. If you see someone following a flock a geese, that ‘s one thing, but the shepherd is leading His flock. He goes before us and He is even the door. In ancient times a sheep pen would be a circle of stones with an  opening or door, that’s where he would sit or lie, and that’s where the Lord is, so let’s follow Him and know His voice. Rebecca Jones

Please scroll back and join me this week, counting sheep. And also read today’s extra post. It is the beginning of Teshuvah, the 40 days of repentance, Jewish Feast days and New Year, High Holy Days…Instead of a fast, I felt the Lord would have us declare 40 days of Rest, Renewal and Silence before Him, set aside a quiet time, another way to Know His Voice. Love and Blessings, Becky…

4 thoughts on “Know My Voice”

    1. Yes, people usually have blood pressure, diabetes, cancer or something else. There are so many Christians under physical and mental attack right now. Manna Fest/Perry Stone mentioned Dr.’s , nurses, interviewed reported numerous death at 3a.m.


  1. Thank you for a “building up’ and eye-opening blog post. I agree that the enemy “tries to talk us out of faith” because he knows that without it we are open to his other suggestions because faith is what we use to quench all his fiery darts.


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