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Isaiah 53 tells of the what the Lord did for our salvation. He was beaten, bruised, His flesh torn from His back, Every stripe, which is more like a gash or slash bloodied His body, He was mocked and scorned, onlookers cheered and jeered, as He carried the cross, a crown of thorns over His head, drops of blood, stinging His eyes, His beard plucked, He was spat upon. I knew all this, and yet I thought I was doing something wrong, the reason I wasn’t healed.

That wasn’t so. i was too focused on what I had to do instead of what He had already done. It wasn’t medicine, vitamins or what  I did or didn’t eat, things that were driving me crazy about what to do or not to do eat or not eat, how much water to drink. It was His sacrifice and love.

The crucifixion was horrendous, yet some people today are of the same mindset today. It is a dangerous thing to profane the holy and sacred, to mock the Lord Jesus and His sacrifice, I see people do it. I see children do it. I see Christians who no longer see things as right or wrong do it. Maybe, not intentionally, but they are denying the wonder working power of His sacrifice, His healing, His ability to turn lives around.

There are those who may never believe, and there are those who are just unskilled in the Word. There are those who remain ignorant of the devil’s devices, who hold onto sinful ways and disgrace the grace they walk in. It is not wise to make His blood and sacrifice a common thing, to insult the very Spirit of grace.

I am not being hard on you. I have to hold fast to my faith, I have walked in enough pain, sorrow, and lack. I have to hold Jesus close to my heart. Fear will not grab hold of it. I have to keep Jesus in my mind, I have to renew the mind of Christ. It is not he devil’s playground, my thoughts are not in a whirl. I keep Jesus in my eyes, the window of my soul is lit with love, I let His light shine in and hopefully out, because, I cannot keep looking and filth, hatred, lust, destruction,and death. I watch television and I love movies and music and I read but I am very selective about it. Sometimes, I just have to shut out the world, in order to rest in His quiet.

I have to keep my love set on Him for Him to deliver me, and keep me from the snare of the fowler. I will not live in a tangle of  thorns or brambles. I will not be a butterfly entangled by a spider’s web of lies. I am harmless as a dove and had to learn to as wise as well, the serpents and scorpions I am supposed to tread over.

I am worth many sparrows, it took Jesus to ransom me. I am crucified and risen with Him, I sit in a heavenly place and have authority over my life, my health, my body. I speak His words of life and command it to line with His sacrifice, which declares me clean and whole. I am His righteousness, fear, terror, and torment has to flee. Isaiah 54.

None of this is because of me. It was all on Him. Nothing I have is mine, it is all a gift from Him, nothing I deserved, or I would not ever have known Him, all by His great sacrifice of love and His amazing grace.

And all I have to do to receive the healing touch is to believe, only believe. Healing was never as hard to receive as so many have made it to be. Even in speaking His spirit filled life and words. Speak His peace over your body and the body of Christ as a whole, and receive your healing, just receive His love, His healing touch.

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4 thoughts on “The Healing Touch”

  1. Thank you for sharing this extremely edifying and encouraging post.

    I have recently started seeking that which is above in my very first thoughts upon awakening. I have a flip index card notebook where I have tucked away nuggets of God’s truth to place before me every day, being mindful to put off the old man and put on the new man with compassion, kindness, humility, forgiveness and love. When we are in God’s word or meditate upon it, we are being renewed, for His Word is alive and active.

    Thank you for your testimony of keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus. For the mind stayed on Christ is in perfect peace.



  2. This is so good that I can only say Thank You and bookmark it to read it later and absorb all its truths. Thank you for sharing.


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