Somebody’s Knocking


This is a classic painting by Warner Salman. There are several good ones of Jesus knocking. It is a painting used to demonstrate Revelation 3:20 which describes the Lord knocking at the door of a person’s heart. And even His return. What reminded me of this was while I had come under a physical attack of the enemy, a song came to mind, an old county ballad. ” Somebody Knocking “.

The line goes something like, ” Lord, it’s the devil, should I let him in? ”  The answer is obvious, ” No. ” Though it’s talking about a cowboy in blue jeans, who probably acts like him, the answer is still no. Let me tell you why. Men who are after more than you want without getting married, close the door.  Don’t give yourself to bad relationships, close contact brings more than you know. In the spiritual, you can take on more than you bargained for and not know how you got messed up.

The love of Jesus will guide you to the right person. But aside from the physical, you have the mental. I know myself, when I felt ill the other day, and had a physical attack of the enemy. I started to have fearful thoughts, that is the devil, don’t let him in. There started to be some blood involved, more fear, more resisting. Thankfully, fear did not have my heart racing. I just kept my Jesus cool on, it’s not me, it’s Him. I had to let Him help me think straight.

It’s not all about me, it’s all about Him. He is the main person in my life. And Jesus is a person. The Holy Spirit is a person. He repeats what God says to Him. It is why we have to learn to be still and quiet. It is why we need a secret place. It is why we need to labor for the rest of His faith in Hebrews 4.

It is why we should learn from the Gospels how Jesus really acted. He was firm and gentle, He was not pushed around nor a pushover. He was all man and endured all temptations without sin.  He was all God. And He felt every pain for us on the cross and He was God enough to survive it and strong enough to dismiss His Spirit, like a king dismisses His subjects. He finally had a place to lay down His head, on the cross.

Make no mistake, He came to die for us and He loves us that much. That’s why when He’s knocking, let Him in, fall in love with Jesus and let Him remain in your heart. Keep Him close to you. And if the devil comes knocking, the obvious answer not to let him in, not fear, torment, terror, lies, deceit, jealousy, envy, violence, anger. There’s a whole lot more, read the Bible. Learn the enemy’s tactics, his wiles, don’t let him roam around and devour you.

The Lord’s knocking, will you let Him in. Rebecca Jones


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