Shed The Caterpillar


A lot of us women are still walking around in our caterpillar suits even though God made us a butterfly already, maybe, it time to shed the caterpillar once and for all. We, as believers, are promised eternal life and 2 Corinthians 5:17 speaks of our new life as a new creation. First we are one thing and now we are another.

It is quite miraculous the way the caterpillar is wrapped in a cocoon and emerges with lovely wings and can fly. All though the butterfly’s life span is short, for it’s size I suppose it comparable to most creature. It is free and so are we in Jesus to come and go.

And like the butterfly, we should be able to fly, in a sense, and leave a smile and a bit of cheer wherever we go. And we are always radiating the beauty of Christ, if we are truly free. Jesus wants us to be free, to sip living water, eat the bread of heaven.

But are we really free? Are we more comfortable in our cocoons than in our own skin? I think I probably was. I never knew how really free Jesus  made me. I was self conscious, even though i was God conscious. I was very hard on myself for some things that weren’t even my doing.

Do we wriggle out a little and go back in or even come out of it and dart back at the first sight of danger. We are as human beings almost as fragile as a butterfly wing. Jesus gently reassures us, but sometimes, He will insist. And for me, that is not only the getting out but the rest of my wings.

I could see my life different, the beautiful butterfly out among the other beautiful butterflies, all dazzling in the splendor of God’s spring, but it was a vision that clear for a while and faded in the cares of the world and in sickness and pain. And fear kept me in my cocoon, I stayed wrapped tightly in Jesus, though He had already open it and unfolded my wings, I was afraid to fly.

I struggled out of my cocoon and spread my wings, I made freely into the blue skies and now a new creation, I soar. Rebecca Jones

Cats and Dogs Blog: March 2012


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