Teach Me to Be Still

Lord, teach me to be still. So that I may know you are God. Teach me to be still when all around me is in chaos, I couldn’t hear you quieting my heart yesterday, I forgot a name, couldn’t find things, tripped over stuff. I felt dumb and clumsy and hated my self for not remembering something I had just read. I was sweaty and weak, my heart started to skip a beat. I went back to the Word and commanded my body to line up with healing.

That’s just my house, on any given night. It was simply too noisy. What about yours? Children, dinner, laundry, homework, housework, careers, traffic, bosses, co workers, even church, it can be a recipe for disaster, unless you can be still and know.

It’s great to get away early in the morning with a cup of joe and listen to the birds sing and read a verse or two and pray.. I nice to slip a journal into your purse and read in office’s as you wait for appointments or keep a Bible in your desk at work. It good to have Him in your heart but it’s better to keep Him in your mind, renewing your soul as others will begin to spin out of control.

There’s always worship music to calm and soothe us. I like just plain piano music. And harp is good. But there are things that are in the atmosphere, depending on where you are. Spirits are everywhere, make sure angels are protecting you, and the blood of Jesus, a family has been killed in a car crash this week. There are drunk drivers,  thieves,  police chases, a train hit a tractor trailer truck, no one was hurt, it stalled on the track and the driver was out, but candy went everywhere.

Distraction, destruction are co conspirators in this attempt. Deceit and deception rule in the devil’s arsenal. He will try to get your focus  off Jesus and put in junk mail, off of faith and put filth, and off of love and put in fear.

We must always remember how He loves us, His name should be the first we call even ahead of 911. Psalm 91:1 is a Christian’s first 911. He just loves us. he love me last night in the hectic, so I forgot a name, dropped broom. I don’t have memory loss and I’m not a klutz. He teaches me to be still and my heart needs it.

Teach me Lord to be still. Teach me to quiet myself with your love, so that I will know you are God. Rebecca Jones Enjoy my poem, just click for Poetic License.


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