Two Faces


Old Hollywood actress Lizabeth Scott looks great in the reflection of the table, doesn’t she? And she had a raspy, seductive voice too. She was very beautiful. I know people though with two or more faces that aren’t so pretty. I used to think that people were what they said they were, Christians, believers and even that they loved you. I guess that was foolish to think they would not be jealous or envious, or even as downright stinker. I know people are human. I’ve said things I wasn’t proud of, I usually quickly repent, and back track. I try not to be judgemental or condemning, it is not my place.

Do I get irritated, yes. Will you know it, probably. But I don’t want to get into gossip and lies, it doesn’t help me be the best person God wants me to be. The enemy can cloud their judgement, the people that wear other faces, causing them to pass it on you. Despite the remarks I often get that I’m perfect, I’m not. You’re not. Jesus was!

He is the only perfect thing in my life and only He can perfect and really even protect what concerns me. He has to protect my words as they go over  the web, causing the right people to hear or read at the right time. He has kept negative comments at a bare minimum.

What about the people who wear two faces? I think they go along to get along. So many of us mask one emotion or another. Are you really angry or just jealous? Is it anger or fear? We pretend to be happy, when we are sad. It’s not easy to disguise a broken heart, sometimes may look like something else, maybe, it dark with sin, and doesn’t know Jesus or maybe it is a wound only He can heal that unleashes the coarse and harsh, even bitter attitudes toward others.

I tried my best to hide my grief everyone, but I did not know it was grief until that spirit left me. It’s true, many of these heavy duty emotions are not things we go through or get over, they are demonic personal attacks that invade our space and cause great pain and sorrow.

It causes us to reflect, to look deeply into ourselves and our souls letting the Holy Spirit help us. Are we sort of self medicating by carrying grudges, hate or bitterness? Even if hurts them, and they don’t see, then it isn’t hurting them, it hurts us. Forgive them and move on, whether you or they apologize or not.

I pray today that you are blessed with the wisdom and truth of this, be careful of these people. They are not friends or confidants, even the best of friends have had moments of madness and let slip a secret or said something cruel in the heat of an argument. You can apologize but you will not ease the sting so easily. And real friends forgive even through tears and pain, but mostly a real friend loves and understands and will want the best for you.

We should reflect Jesus but don’t think he was a sissy. He didn’t mince words,  nor get into arguments, He settled them. He was never trapped into legalism as He fulfilled the law. Be gentle but firm. Not all those pyschology tricks work. You must teach people to love and respect the Lord and themselves or they will not want to follow Him. Some people beleive they give up what they love to serve Him. Quite the opposite, He gives me what I love. And I don’t need to hide behind another face after all. Rebecca Jones

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