Do You Put on A Happy Face?


Do you have to put on a happy face? Don’t we all sometimes? But let’s not have a church face or a Sunday face and drag through the week. Let’s not have an ” I’m fine.” attitude and be hurting inside. Jesus paid the price for our freedom, peace and joy.

He does not want us to be pretenders if we need help. Just pray and He will cross your path with the right person to help. He can make a way where there is no way. Depression is such a serious thing in America, and I’m sure around the world. Left untreated, it can destroy a person’s soul, I have seen it happen, There is no shame in taking medications, you can still keep your faith.

There is an epidemic of people suffering it. Sometimes one thing can lead to another. One loss added to another. Many times depression and grief can mimic each other or be ongoing. I am not in any way a psychologist and I am not a doctor, either. All of us have a blah day. now and then. But this is longer lasting.

Depression can be spiritual, it can actually be a spirit just like grief. I will come against any of those spirits that oppress you in Jesus name and command them to never return.  But if you can believe Him for your healing and deliverance,, do it and remain free in Jesus. Fill your heart with His word. Know He will never leave or forsake you. And that He is our  peace.

Keep a journal, meditate on even one verse and just breathe, you will find it relaxing. Never let people tell you it’s okay yo have the blues or ” To just get over it. ” Sarch you r heart by the Holy Spirit and  His counsel and find help with someone who can give you what you need. And in a kind and loving way. Sometimes, we might need that little nudge or even a push but the Lord can guide that.

Seek His grace, peace and favor and you will certainly find His love. Rebecca Jones



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