A Mighty Fortress Is Our God


Psalm 62 and other verses talk about God being our fortress. I thought this picture was a good example. I first thought of Snow White, but that may be another post. Cinderella came to mind.

She is perhaps, though a fairy tale, a good example of a damsel in distress. Unwanted, a servant in a house with a wicked stepmother and two ugly stepsisters, she is but a lowly maid, scrubbing floors and waiting on her wicked family.

They can try to look good, but she is ever beautiful in her rags. The broom is her dancing partner and she never expects to dance with the Prince at the ball, until a fairy godmother appears and magivally transforms her.

Here is where we differ, No matter our education or status in life, we carry the beauty of Christ if we are believers, we become robed in His righteousness. Our own righteousness, and perhaps even self hatred and loathing are our rags. Jesus went to the cross to obtain that. There is no magic in that, but mercy and love.

He is our graceful Prince that invites us to the ball, and the glass slippers are crystal clear that he puts on our feet the gospel is peace.  In one respect though, Snow White had died, a kiss from her  Prince wakes her and he carries her to his castle in the sky.

Jesus wakes our spirit, redeems us from the law of sin and death. A kiss of peace is all it takes to wake us from a life of sin to one of grace and peace. We were crucified with Him and have eternal life and he has prepared for us a mansion in heaven.

So, we may look for Prince Charming, but should look to God for him. Jesus, the Prince of Peace will take us to that mighty fortress of God someday, but we can dwell there even now in the presence of the Lord.

He is our rock and fortress and sometimes we might like to read a fairy tale, but we also live one with a happy ever after as a believer in Christ. We have to search for an earthly prince but the heavenly one, look no farther than your own heart. His beats there too. Rebecca Jones


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