Water Walking?


And in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea. . . . . Then they that were in the ship came and worshipped him, saying, Of a truth thou art the Son of God. Read Matthew 14:25-33 KJV


I’ve been giving this a lot of thought. Walking on the water. How could Jesus do that? Well, by the Hoy Spirit of course. He walks out to the disciples who are petrified. The fisherman knew that seeing a ghost was surely a bad omen. Especially, at night in the fourth watch after midnight, Matthew 3. But Jesus called to them, Peter had to answer and ask if it was Him  to let him come to Jesus. It meant having to walk on the water.  We know the Lord called to him and he went walking on the water. but as amazing is that is and I’m sure the others were as well, it was short lived. For Peter a mere mortal with only a measure of faith, and probably John’s baptism, started to look at the storm, or his feet, or who knows what he really thought. We would have to put ourselves in his shoes.

While Jesus has no doubts or unbelief of who He is and what He is doing, we do just like they did. Now Jesus was a man operating in all spiritual gifts, He didn’t have time to get a boat and row out, or wave and yell and hope they heard. He could have stopped the storm but Peter would not have learned anything. That is how we are. The Holy Spirit really did allow Jesus to walk on water, and Peter, but Peter began to doubt, to be afraid, when he started to sink, Jesus saved him anyway, but he also told him that he had little faith. Short lived and small. Often, so do we.

Now, Jesus walked in a perfect anointing. He walked through the wall once, and who went through hell and took the keys from the enemy, and ascended. Most of us will never get to that level, doubt and unbelief and fear see to it. But with God all things are possible in the Spirit, Phillip was translated, not just his spirit but his body, in Acts 8. Paul speaks of whether he is in or out of the body, of being caught up. And that is how John recorded the book of Revelation.

We are promised in the last days that God will pour out His Spirit. This is the baptism of the Holy Spirit, a further experience that that of being baptized or sprinkled. It is the way Jesus promised to baptize us, John even said so, as his ministry decreases and Jesus’ increased.  Likewise, if we are to minister, either at a personal level or full time, we need to decrease our fleshly notions, ideas and pre and misconceptions about spiritual matters. We are covered in spiritual gifts if we will receive. And if we have been washed in the blood of Jesus there is nothing to fear. The Holy Spirit guides and teaches you.

If you pray in the Spirit, you will have spiritual experiences. You will need to rely on the Holy Spirit. People who practice false ideas that are demonic and attempt to copy God will use drugs, mind control, teleportation. Believers will use Communion, self control, and possibly translation. The devil attempts to copy everything and keep fear in control. Fear is the total opposite of God who is love and it is a weapon to keep us from being healed, delivered and set free by the Son. It takes study, the wisdom of Jesus, and anointing from the Holy One. It is precious gift and He will help us guard it, because those who choose not to step out of  the boat and walk on the water will mock. He protects us against the winds of enemy attacks, both from others or the wicked one.

I read a story of a little girl and her child like faith who recounted the story of Peter as she jumped in puddles after the storm. She got it, just believe. There was also a rainbow that day, I have had double rainbows over my house. It is a sign of His covenant, He has kept His promises. He always will. His word is not returning but prospering. Isaiah 55:11.  We need to not just jump in muddy puddles with rain boots and umbrellas, but literally, step out of the boat and walk to Jesus.

He will tell us to come, but we will fall and sink if we are not focused on Him. And Hebrews 12:2 tells us much the same thing as Peter’s experience, ” looking unto Jesus “. That was not the first nor last time Peter looked away. He wanted to make Jesus King and was rebuked, Jesus even speaking to satan who was using him. Later on, we know how he curses and hides in fear as Jesus is led away to be crucified. Peter betrays Jesus three times as Jesus said he would. Peter is a study and we should learn from him. This is the same Peter that did not want his feet washed, was ready to die for Jesus, cut off the ear of Malchus.

He was a strong, hard man. Rough and tough, girded with something resembling underwear, he toiled in the sea, mended nets, pulled in heavy loads of fish day after day. Peter was married, his mother law lived with him, he probably had children. But his life changed forever after meeting a man who merely asked to follow Him. He saw miracles, demons flee, and was the one singled out by the devil to sift as wheat, but you see, Jesus tried to warn him. If you read carefully the book of John, Jesus will tell them the wicked one is coming, but the devil had nothing on Jesus. The same was not true of Peter.

Jesus restored Peter fully after the crucifixion, he was meant to be the rock on which the church would be set and the gates of hell would not prevail. Peter never quite got to Jesus level. But He was a changed man after being baptized with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. We as believers, can receive that gift at any time. Peter also had a powerful ministry and was crucified upside down beause he did not think he was worthy to die as Jesus did, his wife also a believer who accompanied him preceded him in perishing under Nero’s tyranny. No matter whether we agree with our leaders or not, in America we are free to worship, and God is a spirit and will be worshiped in spirit and in truth.  We are blessed. We should take the opportunity to learn from Peter’s story.

If we are to walk on the water we will not be able to look at anything or anyone but Jesus. Not the waves, not the cruel wind that opposes the Holy Spirit, not the sicknesses, disease or infirmities, not the finances, the mean, manipulative or mindless,thoughtless words that people spout, We are going to have to be water walkers, walking with the Spirit, in the Spirit. Like Peter, we may fall but Jesus will catch us, but still we need to step out on faith and looking at Jesus, walk on water. I truly believe Jesus was off in prayer and realized or perceived their danger. In the night, the Holy Spirit will use us to pray and intercede if we are willing, He can also use dreams and visions to help us make wise decisions and deliver us from evil. Keep looking at the one who loves you , His hand reaches out, He alone makes it possible to walk on the water. Rebecca Jones

  • This post is decicated to my mother. The Lord spoke to her about this.  e7628bcafd36c0d33ec91ac0f18d1ed5


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